The Diabetic Retinopathy Report and Management Plan has a simple-to-use option for grading retinopathy.
Topcon’s Synergy data management system can save you money and enhance your office efficiency.
Safe, secure, and HIPAA com-pliant, Topcon Medical System, Inc.’s Synergy™ Ophthalmic Data Management System increases office efficiency and improves patient care by integrating ophthalmic medical devices into one central image management and viewing solution that also links up with electronic medical records (EMR). The move toward going paperless is happening rapidly, in part due to government mandates, and many practices are finding that EMR alone can be cumbersome and costly.

Synergy integrates reports and images from over 130 ophthalmic devices, including Topcon and non-Topcon devices. Users can store, manage, and review data quickly and easily. That means there is no need to print a hard copy of the visual field or optical coherence tomography (OCT) image, for example. Just capture the data and view the results wherever you have Internet access. Whether in your office, the exam lane, or even at a satellite location, you can access data without a virtual private network (VPN).

The HIPAA-compliant software’s simple point-and-click graphical user interface (GUI) makes getting your data fast and easy. Simply click the patient’s name and the specific report or data you need and it appears in a snap—there’s no need to worry about toggling back and forth between different test results or opening additional windows. You can select both an OCT and visual field and view them side-by-side to look for changes in a glaucoma or retina patient. Several visual field results can be selected and displayed simultaneously to show subtle changes over months or years of testing. Individual test results can even be viewed alongside a video, visual acuity, and intraocular pressure data.
INCREASED EFFICIENCY Patient data standards are becoming increasingly important in transferring records. Standards include DICOM (Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine) and HL7 (Health Level 7) and are in place to help automate the transfer of patient data among EMR, Image Management Systems, and Picture Archiving Systems (PACS). Topcon’s Synergy helps to increase efficiency by syncing patient data with EMRs, passing the patient information to DICOM conformant devices, and sending the DICOM information to your hospital’s PACS system.

Picture how a typical patient might flow through the clinic with Synergy in place. The eyecare professional (ECP) brings the patient into a pretest room and may perform autorefraction, kera-tometry, topography, lensometry, and noncontact tonometry.With Synergy, the results are seam-lessly imported into the Web-based solution and are ready for viewing. If special testing is needed, the visual field test, fundus photography, OCT, and other information can be completed and instantly captured into Synergy as well. The provider can call up any data needed when the patient is in the exam room. Interpretation reports can even be created to assist with patient education and help identify progression of the data for future visits.

Another great feature of Synergy is its test interpretation report capability. These reports allow the physician to interpret the findings from a selected image and then display the result in a text format right on a viewing screen. The Diabetic Retinopathy Report and Management Plan has a simple-to-use option to grade retinopathy. The Guidelines for Follow-Up section includes a check box for referring for retinopathy evaluation or for ordering a one-year recall for the patient.

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.

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