Fast Jacket features HD Optics, which provides the visual accuracy athletes are dependent upon and average wearers will also find beneficial.

Oakley’s Fast Jacket with switchable lenses lets patients quickly adjust to changing light and weather conditions.

Oakley, Inc. continues its advance­ments in the sunwear industry with its newly released Fast Jacket and Fast Jacket XL collection. These innovative frames let wearers adapt to a changing environment by swiftly changing lenses with a simple release of the Switch­lock mechanism.

The Switchlock mechanism is a stainless steel metal injection-molded component that wearers use to switch lenses in seconds. Not only can the wearer adapt to lighting changes in environment, but Fast Jacket frames are engineered with a suspension system designed to ensure that vision remains clear and undistorted by locking the lenses in place.

Fast Jacket frames are constructed of O-Matter®, Oakley’s nylon-based material that provides flexibility to make them comfortable to wear while offering the best possible impact resistance. The material resists UV rays, chemicals and, “…just about anything a cruel world can dish out,” according to the company.

Oakley’s three-point fit helps to keep the frames securely in place, making contact with only the bridge of the nose and sides of the head. The frame’s “ear socks” and “nosepiece” are made of a soft rubber known as Unobtanium®, Oakley’s thermoplastic elastomer that helps secure the fit by increasing the grip when the wearer sweats.
Fast Jacket has a regular, general rounded lens shape while the XL is larger and provides added peripheral coverage for the wearer.

Like all Oakley eyewear, the lenses used in the Fast Jacket and Fast Jacket XL collection are made of Plutonite®, Oakley’s proprietary brand of polycarbonate. This makes these lenses exceptionally lightweight and impact resistant.

One of the many features these frames offer are HD polarized lenses that effectively block the sun’s blinding reflected rays while eliminating distortion. They also feature a hydrophobic coating that resists oils, smudges, and dust. Fast Jacket frames come with plano lenses but can be ordered with Rx lenses through Oakley’s Rx lab service.

Fast Jacket and Fast Jacket XL offer wearers razor-sharp vision that is a result of Oakley High Definition Optics® (HDO). According to Oak­ley, HDO utilizes a collection of patented technologies that deliver the clearest, sharpest vision possible. The clarity extends to the periphery lens contours, allowing for increased side protection while maximizing the range of view. HDO offers the type of visual accuracy that athletes are dependent upon and average wearers will also find beneficial.

Both Fast Jacket and Fast Jacket XL are available in an array of vibrant colors. These include Sky Blue with Black Iridium & Clear, Lemon Peel with Fire Polarized & Per­simmon, Polished White with Clear Black Iridium Photo­chromic, and Silver with Blue Iridium & Jade Iridium. Iridium is a thin film mirror coating that is “tuned” with the base lens color to further reduce glare and/or enhance contrast.

The P-O-P materials have the usual Oakley flair and include 3.5-in. cube, 7-in. cube, or easel-back displays. In addition, the frames come with an Oakley Nano-Clear Hydro­phobic Mini-Pen, protective Oak­ley Soft Vault, and two sets of HDO lenses (except for the photo­chromic models)—one set of dark lenses for bright light and a second set for low light applications. Additional lenses are available for purchase at

Oakley’s new switchable lens Fast Jacket and Fast Jacket XL collection will be sure to have your patients requesting a switch in their sunwear brand to Oakley.

Paul DiGiovanni is a licensed New Jersey and Massachusetts optician and the co-owner of DiGiovanni Optical Group in Glendora, NJ.

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