STAY CURRENT Original Penguin The Dempsey from Kenmark
KNOW YOUR MARKET McGee Vera Bradley Lea
SHOWING IT OFF Marcolin’s Roberto Cavalli RC885S
MAKING CHOICES Chantal Thomass 14036 from Eastern States
SELECT WISELY BOSS 643 from Safilo
BELIEVE IN IT Via Spiga Simonetta from Zyloware

Whether you have been selling designer eyewear for years or just a few months, marketing eyewear with a designer name draws in buyers and brings in more money. Here are some ways to maximize your designer eyewear sales.

1. Believing in your product is one of the most important concepts for selling anything, especially designer eyewear. It will fly off the shelves because you present it with knowledge, passion, and conviction. If you believe, for example, that Via Spiga by Zyloware Eyewear is right for your office and patients, that’s what you should carry.

2. Choose three to five names that will work in your practice. Look carefully at your lines. Would BOSS by Safilo USA be a better match than Coach by Luxottica for your clientele? Ask your staff to vote on their top five designers. This will give you an idea of what to carry.

3. Have a trunk show every six months. Getting to know your frame representatives and working with them on a regular schedule puts you in a position to always be updated on the newest collections first. If you have four or five major designers carry and you have a trunk show every six months, you will not repeat a brand line for at least two years. The manufacturers love to present their products exclusively or in small groups. You might highlight what Roberto Cavalli by Marcolin USA, for example, has to offer one time, then follow it with a show featuring both Lily Pulitzer and Penguin Original by Kenmark Optical six months later.

4. Five or six frames do not a designer collection make! If you choose to bring a line in, really bring it in. We often think that the manufacturers are forcing us to buy more products than we want or can afford or we might feel that reps are trying to “pad” their order. Quite the opposite, your Marchon Eyewear rep might want you to purchase 20 Ferragamo frames to represent the line very well throughout. With the availability of the Internet and “pre shopping,” patients already have an idea of what they want. Once they are in your dispensary, if you only have a small representation of the brand they looking for, they are likely to go elsewhere to find their eyewear.

5. Choose your designer mix based on your demographics. If you are located in a high-end “Rodeo Drive-like” area, you aren’t going to carry the same mixture of designer labels that a middle-class neighborhood location will. This is not saying that one location is better than another, just that you should know what products are within your clientele’s needs. Consider passing up Chantal Thomass by Eastern States Eyewear if your clientele’s budget is more Vera Bradley by The McGee Group. Maybe you need both. Knowing what your clients can afford and identify with enables you to manage your board space more profitably.

6. Use manufacturers’ point-of-purchase materials. These promotional items are professionally produced and enhance the brand’s image. Eyewear companies have designed them to work with the designer frames you display.

Whatever you choose in designer eyewear, following these simple tips can have a big positive impact on your designer eyewear sales.

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical in Phoenix, AZ.


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