The self-proclaimed “sunglass company” meets—and exceeds— the ECP call for ophthalmics with its frame-with-lenses packaged collection. 

Maui Jim prides itself on crafting a stellar product—and it won’t cut corners, even in tough times. The Hawaiian-vibing brand located in one of the most non-tropical towns, Peoria, IL, was among a small group of U.S. companies that managed to thrive during the 2008 recession, as a direct result of smart decision-making and planning.

So when demand arose for ophthalmics, which officially launched in January, the company spent years developing a frame collection that would reflect its commitment to the lens experience. “The inspiration came when Walter [Hester, CEO] was traveling around the world and consistently heard that eyecare professionals wanted us to make optical frames and lenses,” said Jay Black, vice president of global brand marketing. “They wanted us to bring sunglass excellence to ophthalmics.”

Maui Jim delivered. And the company broke some of its own production speed records. The lenses are produced in its own lab in Peoria with hydrophobic, oleophobic, anti-reflective and Clearshell coatings as well as UV protection and satin edge treatments. Material options comprise indexes of 1.53 (Trivex), 1.58 (polycarbonate), 1.60 and 1.67; there is also a proprietary 1.67 HEV blocking lens.

“We don’t require that ECPs use our lab. But once they try it and see the ease of dispensing—that’s where we will see the accounts using our lab more and more,” Black said. “We don’t have a la carte pricing, and we are using all the best coatings.”

Then there’s the frames. They are awash in colors of sea glass—a regular sight on the beaches in Kaui—in emerald green, aqua, cobalt blue, amber and sea foam. Each design in the Kapa collection captures delicate patterns in that Hawaiian tradition of creating patterns on the robes of royalty.

In terms of sales feedback thus far on the collection, Black said one statistic has been a standout: the number of patients purchasing the eyewear who are brand new to Maui Jim has been 20% higher than projected. “There is an ease of doing business with us,” he stressed. “We make a premium product that is lightweight and has a great fit, and you are also getting the best company backing the whole experience.”

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