Exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Eyenavision, Inc., Roger Bacon Eyewear allows independent eyecare professionals to offer custom, made-to-measure eyewear through the use of patient scanning and 3D-printing technology.

The process begins with a 360° image of the patient’s head, through the use of a scanner attached to an iPad. The file is uploaded to Roger Bacon’s cloud-based software. The scan provides the measurements necessary for customizing the frame, with a focus on the shape of the bridge and the length and angle of the temples.

The Roger Bacon iPad app assists the ECP and patient in the selection of frame style and width. An in-store visualization unit enables patients to preview themselves wearing the frames. Once the style and color are determined, the order is uploaded, 3D printed in Europe and shipped to the ECP within three weeks.

Eyenavision Roger Bacon App

Eyenavision Roger Bacon App

This innovative approach allows independent ECPs to offer an entire line without additional frame inventory: ECPs need only order what they sell. Not only does this strategy dramatically reduce inventory costs, it also eliminates the need for costly frame returns and exchanges. It also allows the ECP to produce frames using 3D technology without the cost associated with buying 3D printers that quickly become obsolete.

Targeted to tech-savvy consumers, this collection offers a perfect solution for difficult-to-fit patients who may be frustrated with off-the-rack eyewear. ECPs who offer Roger Bacon Eyewear differentiate themselves from the competition by being early adopters of technology-based eyewear while simultaneously creating a significant branding opportunity for themselves.

When an ECP signs on to carry Roger Bacon Eyewear, their practice receives frame and color samples, a visualization unit, a scanner and a license to access the app. Additionally, Eyenavision provides in-store training on the use of the scanning app and software, along with sales and dispensing tips.

“What happens in the office is that other patients see this, want to know what’s going on and are more apt to come over and purchase the higher end customized products,” said Dave Eichelberger, vice president of sales. “We’ll be offering Roger Bacon Eyewear this year to a very unique 100 ECPs, specifically chosen for their technology-driven and willingness to get involved with a ground floor opportunity.”

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