Tura’s TITANflex uses metal-injection molding to create lightweight frames with metal memory technology (Style No. 821020 shown here).
Monel Montblanc Style No. 454 from Marcolin features a leather top bar for an extra flourish.
Two-tone stainless steel braided temples resemble iconic bike details on Viva’s Harley-Davidson Style No. H512.
Titanium Evatik Style No. 9080 from WestGroupe is a great choice for those with nickel allergies.

Versatile carbon fiber, stainless steel, titanium, and proprietary metals can be designed into the most fashionable or functional frames that are uber lightweight, highly comfortable, and virtually unbreakable. Metal frames can also feature other materials as an add-on, like acetate, TR-90, or leather.

“People are always looking for the new thing in metal,” explains David Spencer, Ogi Eyewear founder and designer. “Acetate has been strong for so long, but new metal frames provide a unique style that people get excited about.” Ogi’s stainless steel and titanium frames, for example, feature an eye-catching texture while maintaining a flush surface, according to Spencer. Titanium can also be produced in a variety of hues-companies such as WestGroupe offer two-tone coloring in the latest fashion shades to appeal to the sophisticated consumer.

Fashion marries function for adidas Eyewear from Silhouette Optical, Ltd., which uses Performance Steel™, a material that was originally developed for the aircraft industry. Its newest collection, Lazair, is laser-cut from a solid piece of Performance Steel. The metal allows for a more prominent design of the temple and bridge while maintaining a very light and comfortable fit,” says Heinz Pickler, U.S. adidas brand manager. “This means you can go from the office to the dance floor with complete confidence.”

Tura Eyewear’s proprietary metal TITANflex features MIM, metal-injection molding that is commonly utilized in the automotive and aerospace industries. “We are one of the first eyewear companies to adopt this material for frames, and we have combined this special material with our world-renowned TITANflex memory metal bridge,” explains Jennifer Coppel, vice president of brand management. To achieve this, a titanium powder is mixed with a polymer binder and backed together by sinter technology to achieve “very precise and super lightweight frame components.”

At L’Amy America, stainless steel Ericksson from the F90A Ultralite Adjustable series in the Columbia collection boasts a new H-90 temple construct combining F90 material, which stands for flat H-90, with metal core adjustability, according to Connie Reiss, worldwide business unit manager for Columbia Eyewear. The inner temple surface is rubberized F90 for a soft touch and extra grip while the texturized outer temple surface and debossed logo treatment creates a sporty look.

On the flip side, a fashionable, feminine collection has emerged at Charmant Group with its Line-Art line which uses Excellence Titan, a proprietary metal that was developed over an eight-year joint research venture with Tohoku University in Japan. “The delicate temple lines that we are able to create with our micro-laser wielding technology provides a wearing comfort you have to experience to believe,” expresses marketing manager Karen Altemose. The music-inspired LineArt collection features “pliable, seven-lined temple filaments that represent sound waves and the undulating applause of the audience.”

Strong yet highly elegant designs also reign at Morel with its new women’s Lightec Alpha 24 series, which comprises two semi-rimless and two full-rimmed models in stainless steel and fitted with an exclusive screwless and springless Alpha hinge.

The current combination of technology and design allows companies to craft beautifully strong or sporty, functional frames that look great and have longevity. Make sure you stock a variety of these popular metal looks for women and men.

Michele Silver is a freelance writer in Montclair, NJ.

Company Collection Metal Special Features
Aesthetics Best Seller
Charmant LineArt Excellence Titan (proprietary) Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, strong, lightweight, flexible, delicate temple lines Comfortable frame with elegant look and Swarovski crystals Opera Style No. 2040
L’Amy Columbia Stainless steel

Carbon fiber

Durable, anti-corrosive, lightweight, cost-effective

Strong, lightweight

Earthy colors such as mineral gunmetals, soft mossy greens, carbon steel blues.

Cool looking

Powell Lake, Ericksson


Marcolin Montblanc Monel Corrosion-resistant, strong Aviator with contemporary twist Style No. MB454
McGee Badgley Mischka Titanium Light weight allows for range of embellishments such as stones, casted décor Fashion details Genevieve
Morel Lightec Alpha 24 Stainless steel Extreme slimness: temples measure 2.8mm at widest Super clean, ultra-modern look Style Nos. 7307, 7312
C5 Alloy (proprietary)
Ultra lightweight, durable, easy to mold/sculpt
Beautiful design Plaintiff
Ogi Evolution Stainless steel, titanium
Channel sets add texture while keeping a flush surface
Delicate details: hairline-thin metal rims, diamond-shaped accents, textured paneling Style No. 4301
Silhouette adidas Lazair Performance Steel™ (proprietary) Durability, strength, no need for spring hinges Prominent temple design with light, comfortable fit Style Nos. AF18, AF26
Tura TITANflex


Metal-injection molding


Complex parts can be shaped into one operation. Smooth surfaces, complex details

Corrosion-resistant, nickel-free, all-day wearing comfort

Industrial design

Intricately cut metal décor on temples, double tooled inside and outside

Style Nos. 821019, 821020

Style Nos. R101 (women’s), T119 (men’s)

Viva Harley-Davidson Stainless steel, titanium Virtually unbreakable Vintage styling with modern details Style Nos. HD 512, 513
WestGroupe Evatik Titanium Hypoallergenic, no color restrictions Flat-sheet titanium allows for modern, fashion-forward design Style No. 9080

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