MAKING A FASHION STATEMENT Advertising is such an intrinsic part of our business world and culture. Eyewear companies, with their vast selection of products, certainly have a substantial target audience-64% of the U.S. adult population currently wears glasses, according to The Vision Council. Companies first began mass marketing spectacles to the public in the ’20s and ’30s. This was a major departure from how corrective eyewear had been previously perceived; no longer just medical devices, eyeglasses were actually becoming fashion statements. And, as is still the case today, celebrities ignited the trends. In fact, in 1930, a Hollywood actor named Harold Lloyd-who was known for wearing large, round tortoiseshell frames-made people more aware of the fashion aspect of eyewear and started a craze that trickled down to consumers. Print advertising became a way for eyewear companies to get their message across. These two ads preserved in the Museum of Vision from American Optical Company Wellsworth, which ran in approximately 1930, appear over-the-top today as they try to appeal to consumer vanity and health safety concerns. Courtesy of the Optical Heritage Museum, opticalheritagemuseum.org.


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