The Austrian company, Silhouette Optical, Ltd., began with a vision in 1964—eyewear as an accessory. Over the years, patients have become loyal to the Silhouette brand because of the frames’ light weight, durability, and flexibility. Add in their fashion-forward appeal and you have a popular line that attracts a wide variety of consumers. The introduction of the LITE Twist collection lives up to these iconic Silhouette elements.

Lightweight, rimless eyewear is not for the rocking-chair generation like it was 100 years ago. In fact, the LITE Twist collection is perfect for young, fashion-forward consumers looking for an eye-catching look. The colors are bold and refreshing and the shapes are modish and include a variety of larger, on-trend, uplifting shapes for women and men.

The LITE Twist Collection features an ergonomically sleek temple design combined with high-tech beta titanium. Nosepads and temple tips are made from Silhouette’s proprietary SPX (Silhouette Polyamide X) material. It’s the secret ingredient that lends the plastic its renowned flexibility, comfort, and elasticity. Both beta titanium and SPX are great materials for those patients with allergic skin sensitivities, so you can recommend them with confidence.

LITE Twist is customized eyewear for fashion-forward people. In addition to the lens shapes that run the gamut from trendy to classic, shapes can be almost any that eyecare professionals and their patients envision because of the rimless construction of the frames. Each lens shape can be individually combined with high-contrast temple colors, making each pair completely customized for the wearer. Being able to interchange colors and shapes creates near limitless possibilities.

Three bridge sizes-17mm, 19mm, and 21mm-and four temple lengths-135mm, 140mm, 145mm, and 150mm, make this collection even more versatile. Lens-shape patterns range from 52mm to 61mm depending on the style, and of course, ECPs can adjust these to any size they choose. Clip-ons are also available.

Lenses are held in place with the compression mounting for which Silhouette is famous. The temples feature an innovative “weaving” technology that is achieved by using a continuous design with an art deco element wrapped around the screwless snap hinge and threaded through a fine opening on the outer edge of the temple. The subtle, one-piece temple end boasts a colored groove.

The collection has four colors geared more toward the feminine or trendier masculine consumer and four for the masculine or conservative feminine consumer. These eight colors include an assortment of radiant, color-blocking hues to create an effervescent look, while the tone-on-tone models offer a subtle yet unforgettable presence. Colorization techniques include electroplating and anodized coating.

Each collection comes with an eight-piece display tray that could be a stand-alone or combined with other lines in the Silhouette Style Center. Included is a two-page collection card detailing the styles.

LITE Twist represents the latest in Silhouette’s continuing effort to bring the lightest, most comfortable, and stylish eyewear to your patients.

Diane F. Drake is a licensed optician, writer, lecturer, and consultant to optical professionals in Jackson, GA.

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