In the accessory world, the days of wearing the exact style of handbag and shoes are in the distant fashion past, but consumers still want to look pulled together. Whether it’s a fabulous lipstick in a beautiful case or a quirky iPhone cover in a charming purse, accessories make everyday moments a little more special. When it comes to eyewear, accessories are not only a way for the wearer to set herself apart and define her unique style, they are also a fantastic avenue for ECPs to spice up their merchandising displays and create add-on sales. We rounded up a cornucopia of coordinating readers, cases and holders that range from simple to gussied up and are just too pretty to stay on the shelves.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Corinne McCormack 212.868.7919 • corinnemccormack.com // Hilco 800.955.6544 • hilco.com // Ron’s Optical 800.247.7667 • ronsoptical.com // Scojo New York 800.817.4318 • scojo.com


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