Tsar from Bollé Ultimate Collection
Smith I/O with ChromaPop
Oakley Prizm Inferno

Snow sports demand the proper equipment to keep the wearer warm, dry and safe-especially when it comes to vision. When goggle lenses fog up, it can interfere with properly seeing the terrain or other individuals on the mountain. To address this issue, Oakley created the Prizm Inferno lens that has a heating function, just like a car’s rear-window defroster. With the touch of a button, the power module turns on for the day, and a second button activates a three-minute heating cycle. The Prizm Inferno also has the ability to pre-heat the lens before making a run and can also respond to a change in temperature by manually turning on the heat when fogging may occur. The Prizm Inferno lenses are compatible with the Line Miner goggle, which features interchangeable lenses.

Tech Talk
Perhaps your patient wants to hit the slopes but needs to stay connected to the office. Recon Instruments can make that happen with its Recon Snow2, which sits nested inside Oakley’s Airwave 1.5 goggle. The wearer can see on the devices micro display who’s calling or texting and then switch to see maps of the resort or track down friends and see their locations on the mountain all on the heads-up display; in real time check your speed, distance, vertical drop and altitude, and share this data instantly via the accompanying Engage App to social media.

The HD2 Camera Goggle from Zeal Optics boasts built-in WiFi that connects to the company’s HD2 app, allowing users to easily share photos and videos. The camera automatically adjusts for light levels, has infinity focus and captures HD-quality video and photos.

Come Into The Light
The WildLife Lens by VonZipper blocks 100% of UV light and 99.9% of high-energy visible (HEV) light, which contributes to eye fatigue and strain as well as a risk of damage for future vision. The WildLife lens balances out the exact amount of light needed in each color of the spectrum, resulting in more true color and clarity. The WildLife Low Light lens offers a light transmission of 46% for cloudy days, while the regular WildLife lens has a light transmission of 26%-an ideal choice for sunny or partly cloudy days.

Getting a makeover for winter 2016/2017, Smith’s I/O goggle now has a wider field of view, intuitive frame fit (Responsive Fit), allowing it to adjust and flex to the contours of the face, and updated styling. There are 15 distinct strap designs in addition to five feminine-focused graphics and hues in the new women’s I/O goggle. Both models offer ChromaPop lens technology that filters light at two specific wavelengths to eliminate color confusion by the brain while providing a sharper, easier and faster visual experience.

To easily deal with varying light conditions during the day, Automatic Plus from Zeal Optics is a polarized and photochromic lens. When not activated by the sun, the yellow-appearing lens offers a 33% light transmission, but that changes to 18% when fully activated to its brown color.

Fabulous Fit
Then there’s the big issue of comfort to withstand the rigors of an active day on the slopes. The Tsar from Bolle’s Ultimate collection offers a universal fit. The inner frame structure incorporates a shape memory system designed to gently yet firmly conform to the contours of the wearer’s face. The Tsar, like all models in the Ultimate collection, has a spherical lens for the best possible optical clarity and improved field of vision.

Comfort is also a key component of SPY’s Bravo, which features the proprietary Lock Steady one-button lens change system as well as triple-layer Isotron face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece. An anti-fog 5.5-base ARC spherical dual lens with anti-scratch protection ups the goggle’s functionality. Additionally, the Ace goggle boasts the Quick Draw lens change system that works easily with the flip of two levers. Both styles are available with SPY’s patent-pending Happy Lens technology, a color- and contrast-enhancing lens technology that the company reports can help improve both your mood and performance.

For lovers of outdoor winter sports, today’s goggle options are rich in technology as well as comfort, which enhance the user’s experience and enable eyecare professionals to leverage their expertise.

Joy L. Gibb, ABOC, is the lead optician at Daynes Eye and Lasik in Bountiful, UT.


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