DIGIFORCE technology uses point-by-point digital lens mapping.
All Wiley X’s frames, like these new WX Rebel glasses, incorporate DIGIFORCE when Rx’d.
DON’T FORGET SV! With all the excitement over free-form designed and processed progressive lenses, it’s easy to overlook a huge category of lenses made with this technology-single vision. Just like progressive lenses, single vision lenses are made to 0.01D power accuracy and some manufacturers claim a 0.1 micron surface accuracy. These lenses also promise enhanced aberration and distortion control. While some ECPs prefer not to use them for weak prescriptions, there’s little doubt they deliver noticeable differences with higher powers or with higher cylinders.

Wiley X’s DIGIFORCE lens technology offers backside digital surfacing for wrap frames.

The digital explosion in our world is accelerating and provides unique challenges to vision that lenses must be able to accommodate. We’re fortunate that lens manufacturers are beginning to release digital ophthalmic lenses for independent practices and retail environments. Wiley X, Inc. has joined this revolution with the introduction of Wiley X DIGIFORCE™ Digital Rx Lens Technology.

Did you know that Wiley X, a U.S. veteran-owned company, is a leading innovator and provider of protective tactical eyewear for law enforcement and military personnel? If our armed forces are safe wearing Wiley X, imagine how safe civilians will feel while engaging in their favorite recreational activities. Their philosophy is to provide prescription eyewear and sunwear that delivers exceptional visual acuity that enables wearers to take themselves to the limit in all climates.

DIGIFORCE digital Rx lens technology was designed with the 8.00D-base wrap frame and lenses in mind. Historically, high-base curve lenses caused peripheral distortion, narrower zones, and the common complaints of the fishbowl effect we hear from patients. Having a high-wrap configuration for a frame also means that its lenses will have a great deal more face form tilt (wrap angle) than they would have in a standard 4.00D ophthalmic frame. DIGIFORCE technology uses point-by-point digital lens mapping, which assesses the standard Rx, determines how the lenses should sit in the wrap frame, and compensates the lens optics for the errors this new configuration will induce.

The outcome of this compensation delivers enhanced visual clarity, increased color contrast, and minimized distortion. Wiley X DIGIFORCE is a true free-form lens with a complete variable backside design. DIGIFORCE is 10 times more accurate than traditional lenses since it is calculated to 1/100th whereas conventional lenses are calculated by tenths.

Because the Rx is digitally surfaced on the backside of the lens, the optics are closer to the wearer’s eye. This results in wider fields of view for the distance, intermediate, and reading zones for progressives and sharper imagery for single vision lenses. DIGIFORCE technology adjusts the design away from the optical center, achieving clear edge-to-edge peripheral vision, even in high-wrap frames. In other words, the lenses provide significantly more viewing area in all directions.

While the patient is wearing the pre-adjusted frame, we know to measure the pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, and vertex distance. Wiley X takes these position-of-wear (POW) measurements and more into consideration and calculates a “wrap compensation” Rx. This method takes the refracted Rx (zero pantoscopic, zero wrap, and a fixed vertex distance average of 14mm) and adjusts the prescription based on POW measurements. The end result is clearer and sharper vision, especially for those patients with higher prescriptions and stronger cylinder powers.

With precise optics and complete backside digital surfacing, DIGIFORCE lenses promise to deliver an enhanced visual experience.

Jackie O’Keefe is a licensed optician and a writer, lecturer, and course preparer in the Virginia Beach, VA, area.


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