Transitions® XTRActive™ finished single vision (FSV) lenses in polycarbonate are a new addition to Younger’s range of products. These lenses are available from -6.00D to +4.00D, cylinder out to -2.00D, enabling labs to fill more prescriptions with finished lenses, as opposed to semi-
finished XTRActive lenses. For more information, contact Younger Optics at 800-905-2240 ext. 1079 or youngeroptics.com, or at Vision Expo West, #LP7099.

VISION-EASE WIDENS ITS THINDEX LINE. The new Thindex® 1.70 SRC® Coated SFSV and A SFSV lenses offer ECPs the option of compatibility for backside spin-coat processing. Benefits of this material include comfort, higher ABBE value, and durability for patients with mid-level to strong prescriptions. For more information, contact Vision-Ease Lens at 800-905-2240 ext. 1072 or vision-ease.com, or at Vision Expo West, #LP11095.

ICOAT SHOOTS HIGH WITH LOW UV TECHNOLOGY. The new Stainless AR lens coating with advanced UV reflection protection from iCoat features LUV™ (Low UV) technology, which helps eliminate significant amounts of UVA and UVB rays reflected off the back-surfaces of anti-reflective lenses. This product offers maximum UV reflection protection while maintaining clear, crisp vision. For more information, contact iCoat Co. at 800-905-2240 ext. 1025 or icoatcompany.com, or at Vision Expo West, #20051.

OPTIMA SEES THE LIGHT WITH SHADE. New hybrid technology has enabled Optima, Inc. to demonstrate that 1.74 material can indeed absorb a sunglass tint. The new, patented product achieves a sunglass density of 90% gray in 30 minutes. Tintable 1.74 Spherical SFSV for Free Form includes base curves ranging from 1.50 to 10.25. For more information, contact Optima, Inc at 800-905-2240 ext. 1050 or optima-inc.us, or at Vision Expo West, #LP9111.


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