ESSILOR CLEARS THE FOG. Patients can say goodbye to liquids that activate an anti-fog action with Esslior’s new Optifog lenses, which have been redesigned to work with just the Optifog Activator Cloth. Optifog lenses include a unique top layer that contains fog-repellant properties on the front and back side of the lens, and the new cloth provides long-lasting protection. The two lens options comprise Crizal Optifog lenses that offer complete UV protection on the front- and backside, reduce glare, resist scratches, and repel dirt; and the TD2 Optifog lenses that resist scratches and protect against fog. For more information, contact Essilor of America, Inc. at 800-542-5668 or optifog.com. ZEISS DELIVERS DIGITAL LENS. To meet the needs of smartphone- and tablet-obsessed millennials, Zeiss introduces its digital lens that integrates the wide, clear distance view that single-vision wearers demand with digital boost of focusing power ranging from +0.50D to +1.25D. The new lens should help the wearer from developing or having worsening symptoms of digital eyestrain, claims the company, which according to The Vision Council, affects nearly 70% of adults. For more information, contact Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. at 800-358-8258 or zeiss.com.
SEIKO SLIMS DOWN. Launching its thinnest and lightest photochromatic lens to date, Seiko’s 1.74 Finished Single Vision Transitions VII with Surpass Easy Clean Plus (ECP) plus AR coating boasts excellent hydrophobic and anti-static protection. Surpass ECP AR is made to counteract deterioration due to UV rays, humidity, and normal temperature changes. The lenses are available in gray and include a no-slip protector for swift and accurate edging. For more information, contact Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc. at 800-235-5367 or seikoeyewear.com. SHAMIR BOOSTS SINGLE VISION OFFERINGS. Expanding new materials to its product mix, Shamir will now offer Single Vision™ Trivex Vantage™ Gray, Single Vision™ Trivex XTRActive™ Gray, and Single Vision™ Polycarbonate Polarized 82mm Gray and Brown. In addition, the company has also expanded its base curve availability. Transitions Vantage™ are the first and only everyday photochromic lenses with variable polarization. Transitions XTRActive™ lenses are ideal for patients wanting an extra dark lens outdoors. Single Vison™ Polycarbonate Polarized (82mm) lenses reduce glare and improve contrast resulting in enhanced clarity. For more information, contact Shamir Insight, Inc. at 877-514-8330 or shamirlens.com.

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