ADLENS CATCHES SOME RAYS. Employing the same Alvarez lens technology as the company’s Adjustables™, Adlens Sundials™ lenses feature two wave-shaped plates that can glide across one another to shift each of the lenses’ powers. These lenses offer UVA/UVB protection and can correct more than 90% of spherical errors. Lens powers range from -6.00D to +3.50D. Frame colors include black, pink (shown here), green, and blue. For more information, contact Adlens US at 888-459-9793 or adlens.com. OAKLEY WRAPS THINGS UP. With Oakley’s True Digital Edge™ (OTD Edge), patients with more advanced prescriptions can now wear high-wrap suns with thickness reduced by up to 40%. This proprietary innovation is available exclusively with Oakley Authentic Rx Lenses, and offers curvature that provides protection from sun, wind, and side impact. Dynamic Frost Technology keeps the lenses’ edges clear. For more information, contact Oakley, Inc. at 800-733-6255 or oakley.com.
SMITH POPS WITH NEW TINTS. Ideal for medium and bright light conditions, ChromaPop Polarized Bronze Mirror lens (shown here) brings wearers intensified reds, blues, and greens. Its counterpart, ChromaPop Polarized Blue Mirror lens, is more suitable in bright light conditions, as it cuts glare and eliminates backside reflections in open-water environments. Both tints feature AR mirror treatment and hydroleophobic coating. For more information, contact Smith Optics at 800-635-4401 or smithoptics.com. SPY says ‘LOL’ WITH ITS RXABLE HAPPY LENS. Now available in prescription form, the SPY Happy Lens™ Rx boasts a bronze polar base lens with polarized black mirror, blue, and green Spectra™ mirror options. Green is shown here. The Rxable Happy Lens will continue to maximize the transmission of the sun’s “good” rays, according to the company. For more information, contact SPY Inc. at 800-779-3937 or spydigitalrx.com.



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