With the introduction of the new Tribrid lens material, ECPs can offer patients a new level of clarity (Abbe value of 41), lightweight comfort (density 1.23g per cubic cm), thinness (refractive index 1.60), impact resistance (withstands more than 160 times the energy of the U.S. FDA drop ball test), and protection (100% UV protection). Tribrid combines elements of Trivex® material with traditional high-index technology, and is ideal for patients with higher prescriptions (+/-3.00D to +/-7.00 D). For more information, contact PPG Industries, Inc. at 724-325-5100 or ppgtribrid.com

SERENGETI OPENS UP PATIENTS’ OPTIONS. Serengeti lens technology and Trivex material have come together to create VARIO Drive lenses, which offer maximum visual acuity by combining a polarized filter and photochromic technology. They allow for a range +6.00D to -8.00D and are compatible with 99% of single vision and progressive prescriptions. Available in six different tints, and in both polarized and non-polarized, VARIO Drive lenses can be fitted to the majority of Serengeti’s frame designs, including wraps. For more information, contact Serengeti at 888-838-1449 or serengeti-eyewear.com.

SHAMIR SIGNS A NEW AUTOGRAPH. A step up from Autograph II®, the new Autograph III®—A New Experience features premium lens design software EyePoint Technology III®. Additional new features include Natural Posture, IntelliCorridor, and As-Worn Quadro. Fitting heights include 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, and 18mm, as well as a variable design (11mm and up). For more information, contact Shamir Insight, Inc. at 877-514-8330 or shamirlens.com.

ESSILOR GLARES BACK AT GLARE. Featuring Light Scan technology, Crizal® Prevencia No-Glare lenses help protect patients from harmful blue light that can play a role in the onset of age-related macular degeneration, and UV rays that can lead to the development of cataracts. These lenses provide wearers with protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, and water, as well as an Eye-Sun Protection Factor of 25. For more information, contact Essilor of America, Inc. at 800-542-5668 or essilorusa.com.

TRANSITIONS IS ON THE RUN. The line of Nike® MAX Transitions® adaptive sun lenses has grown, with the addition of Nike Max Speed Tint. Optimized to give patients a way to improve visual performance when they’re running, these adaptive sun lenses are tinted specifically to eliminate road glare and to allow for the entrance of calming red light, which can improve endurance-sport performance. For more information, contact Transitions Optical, Inc. at 800-848-1506 or transitions.com.


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