ESSILOR’S DEFINITY LENSES ARE THIN&LITE. The DEFINITY® lens with DUAL ADD® 2.0 technology now comes in Thin&Lite® 1.74. This completes the portfolio of DEFINITY, which includes standard plastic, polycarbonate Airwear®, Trivex® material, Thin&Lite 1.60, and Thin&Lite 1.67. The patented DUAL ADD allows minimum astigmatism within the lens surface as compared to other traditional and single-surface digitally surfaced lenses. A wider field of vision in all three viewing zones is augmented by Ground View Advantage™—a fourth zone below the reading area. For more information, contact Essilor of America, Inc. at 800-542-5668 or essilorusa.com.

FOUR MATERIALS EXPAND SHAMIR’S SINGLE VISION LINE. Materials added to the Single Vision™ product line from Shamir Insight, Inc. are Trivex®, Trivex (Wrap), SuperLite™ 1.60 (Wrap), and SuperLite™ 1.67 (Wrap). The new Trivex (Wrap), SuperLite 1.60 (Wrap), and SuperLite 1.67 (Wrap) lenses have been re-designed with an updated back curve, to allow for a wider range of prescriptions to fit wrap frames. This updated back curve will easily accommodate a prescription range from +5.00D to -5.00D. For more information, contact Shamir Insight, Inc. at 877-514-8330 or shamirlens.com.

PRIVATE LABEL AR AVAILABLE FROM VSP. VSP Labs’ in-house line of anti-reflective lens treatments are now offered exclusively through VSP’s wholly owned laboratories to all ECPs. The company’s UNITY Performance Coatings™ include UNITY, a value product that reduces glare and is easy to clean (VSP Category B); UNITY Plus, a premium, double-sided hardcoat offering glare reduction and smudge and scratch resistance (VSP Category C); and VSP’s highest performing UNITY Elite, which reduces glare while offering extreme resistance to smudges, scratches, and abrasions along with hydrophobic and oleophobic properties (VSP Category D). For more information, contact VSP Labs at 800-877-7195 or vsplab.com.


VISION-EASE INTRODUCES PHOTOCHROMIC BIFOCAL. The D35 bifocal joins the Vision-Ease Lens family of LifeRx® light-responsive lenses. The company reports that, along with the exclusive LifeRx 7 x 28 trifocal launched in early 2009 and the D28 bifocal, the LifeRx D35 bifocal is the only photochromic polycarbonate lens of its kind on the market. It is available in gray and brown. LifeRx lenses are manufactured with 100% renewable energy. For more information, contact Vision-Ease Lens at 800-328-3449 or vision-ease.com.


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