SAFILO EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS WITH X-CEDE. Powered by NXT® lens technology, CARRERA X-cede Rx-ready sun lenses go after distortion-causing light rays, while adding incredibly vivid color, clarity, and detail for the wearer. The lenses are currently fitted into eight of the most popular vintage styles in the CARRERA collection. Available in brown, gray (with flash silver mirror), and green, the non-film polarization technology fuses polarization and color enhancement together, allowing for edge-to-edge polarization efficiency and optical clarity that doesn’t delaminate, peel, or fade. For more information, contact Safilo USA at 800-631-1188 or safilo.com.

US OPTICAL SHOWS OFF ITS FLAT TOP. Flat top 28 bifocal patients have caught up to progressive and single vision patients in terms of personalized high- definition benefits. With this new lens, software design compensates for aberrations induced by oblique astigmatism, and field of vision in the distance is increased by 25%. It’s personalized for each prescription, face, and frame and measurements for pantoscopic tilt, vertex distance, and panoramic angle can be added. For more information, contact US Optical at 800-445-2773 or usoptical.com.


ESSILOR CRIZAL GETS THE UV OUT. Crizal SunShield™ from Essilor incorporates a new formulation that eliminates backside UV reflections from lenses and allows 30% less UV light into the eye than conventional suns. Combined with polarized or tinted lenses, wearers will have 360° protection from UV transmission through the front. These lenses offer twice the backside scratch resistance and stay cleaner for a longer period of time. The no-glare lenses will replace Crizal Sun™ with Scotchgard™ Protector and Crizal Sun Mirrors™ with Scotchgard Protector. For more information, contact Essilor of America, Inc. at 800-542-5668 or essilorusa.com.


REPTILE SCALES UP WITH NEW RX PROGRAM. Available in up to -8.00D, the Polynium DHD 160°™ is a technologically advanced, prescription, digital high-definition polarized sunglass program. Its patented design provides enhanced HD vision over the entire lens in 6- and 8-base wrap sunglass styles, allowing for complete clarity out to the lens periphery. For more information, contact Reptile Polarized Sunglasses at 800-625-1880 or reptilesun.com.


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