The new 1.67 PolarThin semi-finished spherical lenses from Seiko offer 11 accurate base curves, including a 0.50B. Available in gray and brown, their curvature is suitable for all free-form designs as well as conventional single vision and they feature a high-index double hardcoat primer. PolarThin blanks feature high-index MR-10 resin, which has less of a tendency to contract or expand, giving them a high resistance to warping and coating deterioration. For more information, contact Seiko Optical Products of America at 800-235-5367 or seikoeyewear.com.
HOYA FEELS BLUE. In response to the growing concern among ECPs and patients about the negative effects of blue light emitted from backlit devices (such as smartphones and tablets), HOYA recently introduced Recharge EX3™. This anti-reflective lens treatment offers improved filters and reflects the harmful blue light away from the eyes. It also offers enhanced scratch resistance. For more information, contact HOYA Vision Care, North America at 877-528-1939 or hoyavision.com. SUPER SYSTEMS RAISES THE BAR FOR PHOTOCHROMICS. The introduction of Conversion Clear N Dark 1.56 photochromic lenses brings ECPs an option that’s 10% thinner than their usual choices. These lenses employ an automatic tint adjustment that’s relative to ultra-violet ray exposure, shifting them to a true gray color. The finished single vision lenses have a power range of -6.00D to +4.00D to a 2.00D cylinder. For more information, contact Super Systems Optical Technologies/Fast Grind International at 800-543-7376 or superoptical.com.
LUZERNE OPTICAL GETS THE ROYAL TREATMENT. With a soft progressive design and features that enhance patient comfort (based on smooth power changes for seamless adaptation), Luzerne Optical’s CrownView™ lenses are the first premium glass progressive and single vision free-form lenses in the U.S., have the lowest minimum fitting height in glass progressives, and can accommodate smaller frames, according to the company. Larger diameter progressive lens blanks are also available. CrownView also comes in a wide range of glass materials and colors. For more information, contact Luzerne Optical Laboratories, Ltd. at 800-233-9637 or luzerneoptical.com.



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