SEIKO EXPANDS ITS FREE-FORM OFFERINGS. The new Seiko Surmount Ws (Wide and Short), 100% internal free-form progressive lenses are the first to incorporate recently patented technology in internal free-form design, according to the company. Placing a complex convex surface onto the concave side of the lens allows for lower-than-ever base curves, resulting in flatter lenses. This hard design progressive lens offers a 42% wider reading area and is available in 1.50 plastic, Trivex®, polycarbonate, 1.60, 1.67, and 1.74 high-index materials. For more information, contact Seiko Optical Products of America at 800-235-5367 or seikoeyewear.com.

SHAMIR’S SINGLE VISION LINE UPS THE ANTE WITH SUPERLITE. The addition of SuperLite™ 1.60 Transitions® XTRActive (gray) to Shamir’s Single Vision™ line gives patients another option incorporating SuperLite materials. The new material is approved for Crizal®, iCoat, HOYA, and Zeiss treatments, and it brings Shamir’s Single Vision line up to 14 materials. With a high light transmittance, this material allows for hassle-free edging and drilling and is ideal for outdoor use, when patients may want an extra dark lens. For more information, contact Shamir Insight, Inc. at 877-514-8330 or shamirlens.com.

NEW OPTIONS KEEP YOUNGER YOUNG. Transitions® XTRActive™ finished single vision (FSV) lenses are now available in hard resin, and polycarbonates won’t be far behind. The lenses are available in an Rx range of -4.00D to +4.00D, cylinder out to -2.00D, which allows labs to fill more prescriptions with finished, as opposed to semi-finished, lenses. XTRActive lenses are also available in semi-finished hard resin, polycarbonate, Trilogy®, and high-index 1.67. For more information, contact Younger Optics at 800-366-5367 or youngeroptics.com.

PPG INDUSTRIES KEEPS PATIENT BENEFITS TOP-OF-MIND WITH NEW LENS MATERIAL. In collaboration with Thai Optical Group and Novacel, PPG Industries has developed Tribrid lenses. This new material employs a hybrid chemistry approach that merges elements of Trivex material with traditional high- index lens chemistries. Tribrid lenses offer a high level of optical clarity, along with lightweight comfort, thinness, impact resistance, and protection. Ideally suited for higher prescriptions, Tribrid lenses also offer a higher refractive index than Trivex. They’re available in single vision and progressive free-form designs and are compatible with advanced anti-reflective treatments. For more information, contact PPG Industries, Inc. at 800-323-2487 or ppgtrivex.com.


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