CARL ZEISS WRAPS THINGS UP. Providing UV protection with style, the new line of customized lenses from ZEISS includes three wrap-specific designs (ZEISS Individual® PAL Wrap, ZEISS GT2® 3D Wrap, and ZEISS GT2 3D Short Wrap), as well as ZEISS Individual SV Wrap for single vision wearers. The full line, which comes in 1.50 hard resin and 1.59 polycarbonate materials, is available in clear, Transitions® gray and brown, and NuPolar® Polarized gray and brown. It features an increase of up to 50% in the area of clear vision. For more information, contact Carl Zeiss Vision Inc. at 800-358-8258 or zeiss.com/lenses.

LEYBOLD’S KING CLEAN REDUCES LENS LOSS. King Clean Hydrophobic Top Coat, the new coating from Leybold, offers an edger-friendly coating and maintains all the benefits of a premium hydrophobic topcoat. The new coating reduces lens loss due to slippage and offers high abrasion resistance, according to the company. The contact angle against Hexadecane is approximately 3° below the company’s super hydrophobic topcoat, allowing for edging pads to stick to the topcoat. For more information, contact Leybold Optics USA, Inc. at 919-657-7100 or leyboldoptics.com.

JEE VICE LENSES ARE GOLDEN. The new BNL Melanin photochromic lenses from Jee Vice are now available in Jealous gold and Mini Red Hot gold styles. Reducing glare even without polarization, these lenses provide wrinkle and sun protection while featuring enhanced color perception. They also offer vision enhancement and eyestrain relief for reading by ambient lighting. For the high-tech set, the melanin lenses help alleviate symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. For more information, contact Jee Vice at 949-542-4841 or jeevice.com.

VISION-EASE MAKES LIFE EASIER. For ECPs with direct surfacing capability, Vision-Ease’s new Thindex™ 1.70 Spherical SFSV lens combines thin, lightweight comfort with industry-leading optics. Offered in base curves ranging from 0.50D to 8.50D and prescription ranges from -16.00D to +8.00D, the lenses join existing Thindex options of A SFSV, A FSV SuperHydro AR, and a Novella Short Corridor progressive. For more information, contact Vision-Ease Lens at 800-328-3449 or vision-ease.com.


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