EYENAVISION GOES TECH-Y. Ready-made computer glasses that employ the same blue-filtering lens technology as Chemistrie™ Blue, Chemistrie™ Tech reduces digital eyestrain associated with long-term computer use. These glasses are designed specifically for individuals who don’t usually wear glasses, contact lens wearers, and presbyopes. They are available in plano through +1.50D. For more information, contact Eyenavision, Inc. at 888-321-3939 or eyenavision.com. ZEISS PUTS ON A NEW PURECOAT. The launch of PureCoat PLUS AR offers enhanced hydrophobic performance and durability as compared with the original PureCoat AR, with a higher contact angle, allowing for easier cleaning. Its residual reflectance is below 1% and it is up to 50% more scratch-resistant than many other products in its category, according to the company. PureCoat PLUS AR is available in the same range of lens designs and materials as its predecessor. For more information, contact Carl Zeiss Vision Inc. at 800-358-8258 or zeiss.com/lenses.
HOYA HAS PATIENTS’ ‘BACKS.’ With backside (BKS) PAL technology, ECPs have increased flexibility when it comes to lens materials. They can prescribe HOYA technology for all patients, including those with larger frames. With backside PALs, the appropriate semi-finished single vision lens is selected and the PAL Rx is added to the back surface. This technology will be used for new lens designs in sunwear that require larger cutouts as well as computer lenses. Designs such as Tact and Sync will also experience improvements as a result of the combination of backside designs with free-form technology. For more information, contact HOYA Vision Care, North America at 877-528-1939 or hoyavision.com. US OPTICAL GETS PERSONAL. Designed as a solution for near and intermediate vision, the new Personal Computer (PC-HD™) Free-form Progressive is designed for anyone working in close proximity to a device with a backlit screen or in an office, studio, or kitchen setting. The Reading mode offers up to 4 ft. of clear vision, the Desk mode goes up to 7 ft., and the Room mode offers up to 13 ft. of clear vision. The lenses relax wearers’ eyes, and are available in plastic, poly, BluTech, and 1.67 high-index. Minimum fitting heights include 14mm and 18mm. For more information, contact US Optical at 800-445-2773 or usoptical.com.

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