ESSILOR’s CRIZAL NO-GLARE AMPS UP UV PROTECTION. The new range of Crizal® No-Glare lenses is the first of its kind to offer complete UV protection, which includes protection against backside glare as well as long-term eye health. Broad Spectrum Technology extends No-Glare efficiency from visible to UV light, virtually eliminating UV light reflection into the eyes as it maintains the highest possible level of visible light transmission. For more information, contact Essilor of America, Inc. at 800-542-5668 or essilorusa.com.

TRANSITIONS MAKES A HOLE IN ONE WITH NIKE VISION. New Nike® MAX Transitions® adaptive sunglasses are created with the specific needs of golfers, hikers, and trail runners in mind. Responsive to changing light, the lenses are available in two colors: Golf Tint, a violet color intended to enhance contour recognition on the greens and increase ball pop, and Outdoor Tint, a green color created to brighten shadows, increase contrast, and strengthen the visual spectrum in natural environments. For more information, contact Transitions Optical, Inc. at 800-848-1506 or transitions.com.

LIVE’S COCOONS GOES PHOTOCHROMIC. Available in gray or amber tints, Live Eyewear’s Cocoons® brand now offers a photochromic lens option. The polarized Polaré® lenses are UV activated and available in all six patented frame styles. According to the company, the addition is in response to a need for lens tints that provide less light transmission and can increase protection for sensitive eyes. For more information, contact Live Eyewear at 800-834-2563 or liveeyewear.com.

EYENAVISION ROLLS OUT NEW LENS MATERIAL. Named for the lens material Hi-Vex™, Eyenavision’s Hi-Vex semi-finished lenses are created for surfacing jobs that range from high cylinder, single vision prescriptions to digitally surfaced lenses utilizing the latest free-form designs. This material can be surfaced to 0.8mm at the edge and is ideal for drill mounts and frames requiring grooved lenses. Eyenavision Hi-Vex surfaced to a 0.8mm thickness for use as a Chemistrie layered lens will be marketed under the product name Progressive On Demand. For more information, contact Eyenavision Inc. at 888-321-3939 or eyenavision.com.


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