PIXELOPTICS ENTERS THE ZONE. emPower!, PixelOptics’ electronically focusing lens, silently focuses without noise or moving parts. Operating in three modes (manual on, manual off, and automatic), emPower! gives wearers control of their vision, according to the company, while focusing in less than a split second. With an additional power boost of 0.75D, the electronic feature reduces the amount of peripheral swim and distortion in the lens. emPower! will release regionally May 1 and be available across the U.S. by the end of the year. For more information, contact PixelOptics, Inc. at 888-749-3567 or pixeloptics.com.

VISION-EASE CHANGES THINGS UP. The new ChangeRx™ plastic photochromic lenses from Vision-Ease are perfect for patients with “varying budgets,” according to the company. They offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and are available in SFSV, D28, progressives, and FSV/FSV anti-reflective (AR) treatments. Made with “in-mass” technology ChangeRx photochromics weigh 11% less than standard hard resin lenses and offer the optical performance of a 1.50 refractive index in hard resin material with specific gravity of 1.18 g/cc. Available in gray and brown, ChangeRx lenses also provide 89.1% indoor light transmission. For more information, contact Vision-Ease Lens at 800-328-3449 or vision-ease.com.

AUGEN BARES ITS SOL. Made of 1.50 hard resin, AugenSol™ photochromic lenses activate new photochromic cells as the surface of the lens thins dues to everyday wear and tear. The lenses darken in 12 seconds, offer 100% UVA and UVB protection on both the front and back surfaces, protect wearer’s eyes from back-surface UV reflections found with front-surface-only photochromics, and fade quickly into clear, translucent lenses for indoor use. These lenses also provide improved stability in extreme temperatures. For more information, contact Augen Optics at 866-284-3611 or augenoptics.com.


The Transitions® single-vision lens line from Younger Optics now offers polycarbonate and hard resin lenses without AR treatment, as well as super-light high-index 1.60 single vision lenses with Super Hydrophobic AR treatment. The hydrophobic properties make it easier to remove smudges, dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Both lenses have extended their ranges from +4.00D
to -6.00D, and all are available in gray and brown. They can be ordered from full-service labs. For more information, contact Younger Optics at 800-366-5367 or youngeroptics.com.


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