PROFIT BRINGS SWISS PRECISION FREE-FORM LENSES TO THE U.S. ProFit Optix is the new national U.S. distributor for Optixx lenses from Optixx AG of Switzerland. Optixx offers three digital, free-form progressive designs under the brand name Identity: Standard, for universal wear; Outdoor, for predominantly outdoor use; and Office, primarily for indoor use. Three variable corridor lengths result in nine design choices overall. A digital, free-form aspheric single vision lens known as Upgrade is also available. For more information, contact ProFit Optixx at 866-996-7849 or profitoptix.com.

WILEY X HAS DIGITAL LENSES ALL WRAPPED UP. Specifically developed for Wiley X’s 8-base premium performance sunwear frames, DuraLogic™ lenses feature a customized Rx fit and accuracy 10 times that of conventional lenses. Using digital prescription lens technology, Wiley X DuraLogic lenses have the capacity to adjust the design away from the optical center, improving peripheral optics, even in high wrap frames. With the new DuraLogic lens, Wiley X has created custom ANSI Z87.1-2003-certified designs that also deliver its famed High Velocity Protection. For more information, contact Wiley X Eyewear at 800-776-7842 or wileyx.com.

TRANSITIONS ROLLS OUT SOLFX NEOX RX FOR GOLFERS. Designed to enhance visual performance for golfers, NEOX® Transitions® SOLFX® sun lenses from Transitions Optical, Inc. and MicroVision Optical, Inc. combine the performance of NEOX lenses with the photochromic technology of Transitions to create sun lenses that automatically adapt in changing light. NEOX lenses are currently the exclusive lenses featured in Callaway® Eyewear and are internationally available in fixed tint non-prescription sunglasses. NEOX Transitions SOLFX sun lenses are the first dynamic prescription and non-prescription sun lenses to use NEOX lens technology. For more information, contact Transitions Optical, Inc. at 800-848-1506 or transitionssolfx.com.

RODENSTOCK SINGLE-VISION FREE-FORM NOW IN THE U.S. Rodenstock’s Multigressiv Ergo® near vision lenses employ the same customization technology used for the company’s progressive addition lenses and are now distributed in the U.S. by ProFit Optix. Multigressiv Ergo single-vision lenses use a unique customization technology and account for the wearer’s refraction data and individual pupillary distance. The lenses are available in three designs: Book, for use at near distances such as when reading a book; PC, for use at intermediate distances, such as when viewing a computer monitor; and Room, for greater spatial depth than the other two designs. For more information, contact ProFit Optix at 866-996-7849 or profitoptix.com.


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