Zeiss’ Precision family of progressive lenses relieves the effects of digital Eyestrain.

The Precision portfolio of lens offerings from Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. now includes four new products: ZEISS Precision Pure, ZEISS Precision Plus, ZEISS Precision Superb, and an upgraded ZEISS Individual 2. These lenses provide all-day, all-distance vision for digital device users, thanks to ZEISS’ Digital Inside Technology, which uses a larger near zone to comfortably accommodate the typical viewing distances of both print and digital media within a single lens.

Back story
All lenses in the Precision portfolio are customized, free-form progressives manufactured with ZEISS’ patented* back-surface technology in a variety of materials. Precision family products are compatible with several lens treatments, such as ZEISS’ DuraVision Blue-Protect blue light coating and its DuraVision Platinum AR coating, as well as PhotoFusion self-tinting, polarized, and fixed-tint treatments. The Precision Plus, Precision Superb, and Individual 2 make use of the optimum near zones of ZEISS’ FrameFit+ Tech-nology, and the Individual 2 also utilizes the company’s Luminance Design Technology, which takes into account pupil size during changing light conditions for consistent visual clarity.

WOW Factor
As a result of the ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices, digital eyestrain affects almost everyone in modern society, including presbyopes. For-tunately, with a wide range of Rx, customization, materials, and treatments, there’s a Precision progressive lens for just about every patient.

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