eyeX3 comes Wi-Fi-enabled, giving the user the ability to electronically share measurement data.

PFO Global’s eyeX3 is a non-contact tracer that uses laser measurement technology.

At one point or another you may have experienced the frustration of trying to do a lens-only order with your lab only to have to start over because the lens came back just slightly too small or without an appropriate bevel for the frame. PFO Global’s eyeX3 is just the tool you are looking for to ensure accurate measurements and fewer headaches.

Many of today’s lenses are ground to within 1/100th of a diopter and now that same kind of accuracy is available in the eyeX3 high-tech laser scanner. The company says it is the industry’s first non-contact tracer and uses laser measurement technology. It can scan either frames or lenses.

With the first pass over the item to be measured, it does an analysis of all the 2D scans captured and creates a high-resolution 3D digital lens shape and geometry of the frame or lens. The frame or lens is then rotated 75Ëš and a second pass over the item provides the bevel or groove data that are combined with the high-resolution 3D lens shape analyzed in the first pass to create the trace data required for remote edging the lens. This allows for some of the most accurate measurements ever taken by a tracer. It works with all types of frames including metal, plastic, rimless, drilled rimless, and semi-rimless.

Older tracing technology cannot pick up unique lens shapes as efficiently or accurately as the eyeX3 which can come in handy when you have a drilled rimless-mount frame with an eclectic or less common lens shape. In addition, the advanced laser scanning capability means you can scan frames and lenses for up to a 9.00D-base curve wrap sunglass.

This scanner is user-friendly and can easily fit in any dispensary environment. The eyeX3 is 8 in. H by 13 in. W by 11 in. D, and has an easy-to-use 8.4-in. color touch screen. It comes Wi-Fi-enabled giving the user the ability to electronically share measurement data which can eliminate frame shipments to the lab. The eyeX3 features a cloud-based file share for remote access and data storage.

You may worry that this forward-thinking technology may be difficult to maintain. The eyeX3 has an automated quarterly calibration verification feature which ensures the machine is always operating at its peak capabilities. While problems are not anticipated, PFO Global backs up its product with a promise of giving accounts access to loaner eyeX3 tracers meaning accounts will not suffer any downtime and will be able to continue to give great service to their patients.

The eyeX3 is available for sale or lease and ECPs can also route orders to the PFO Global Lab Network which may mean a greater return on investment. The ability to request just edged lenses only from the lab means lower shipping costs in sending frames back and forth, more efficiency with frames not having to pass through so many hands, thereby reducing the chance for human error, and fewer errors in edged lenses due to the 1,000 points of measurement. Having accurate and complete data to share with the lab can also reduce the turnaround time for a patient who is waiting, and offer them far less hassle by not having to give up their own frames. This translates into excellent customer service.

If you are looking for ways to improve efficiency and accuracy in tracing lenses and frames, look no further than PFO Global’s eyeX3. It’s the perfect addition to any office.

Joy L. Gibb is an optician at Daynes Eye and Lasik in Bountiful, UT, and an industry speaker and educator.


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