Style No. LE110

Style No. LE144

Style No. LE158

Style No. LE5059

Founded in 2002 by opticians Lenny Rabich and Gregory Meyliker, Legre Eyewear began with the aim of producing quality acetate frames that focus less on status and branding and more on form and fit. With a background in optics and a passion for classic eyewear, the duo tailored Legre to fill a void and encompass all shapes and styles worth revisiting from the past.

Legre began with 12 styles in 2002, and now proudly offers over 120 styles for women, men, and teens, each available in several colors. A broad collection that incorporates classic acetates, wood motifs, contemporary metals, and a nod to decades passed, Legre offers something for everyone.

Whether a patient seeks a layered two-tone acetate frame made from Japanese and Italian acetate finished with retro-styled rivets, like Style No. LE110, or prefers a classic solid stainless steel P3 crafted with cutting-edge manufacturing methods, such as Style No. LE5059, they’ll find it in the company’s collection.

While the line’s roots were inspired by ‘40s’ and ‘50s’ styles, Legre steps outside of the retro box with models that bring a funky edge to its normally classic aesthetic. For example, Style No. LE176 simultaneously brings to-gether ‘50s’ chic with ‘80s’ geek. With a chunky cat eye like Style No. LE144, there’s just enough uplift at the brow, thickness at the temple, and patterning in the interior to prove Legre’s frames are both wearable and unexpected. Want something striking? How about offering wooden-textured acetates, like Style No. LE158?

With the introduction of the company’s newest collection, Iota by Legre, you can expect a new mix of metal and acetate frames featuring thinner eyewires, vintage styling, matte-finished temples, temple tip accents, and precise fits.

A little something for everyone, intentional sizing, and attention to detail defines the Legre collection—made by opticians for opticians.

Sarah Hobbs is a fashion blogger and certified optician at Insight Complete Eye Care in Dallas, TX.


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