Shown here in purple, the C2’s V-Port technology offers wearers a wide field of view without compromising safety.
Hilco’s rotating display case features six C2 Rx sport frames as well as an assortment of cleaners and accessories.
ASTM COMPLIANT The American Society for Testing Materials uses different specifications for different sports. ASTM F803 specification covers eye protectors (eyewear) for use by players of racket sports, women’s lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer. The Leader C2 Rx sports goggle meets ASTM standards, which is just one reason Hilco calls it the ultimate protection against sports-related eye injuries-they look really cool, too.

Hilco’s latest Rx goggle offers comfort, style, and, above all, safety.

The right eyewear can make all the difference in whether athletes perform at their highest potential by seeing their best. And that’s just what the new Leader C2 Rx sports goggle from Hilco delivers-great visual acuity with style and even options for customization.

While many frames meet the ASTM F803 specifications for protection, it’s also the case that the field of vision they offer is quite limited when it comes to peripheral vision. The V-Port technology used in the C2 goggle, however, creates a wide field of view so the wearer can see what’s coming from the sides-not just the front. And it does this while providing superior ventilation and comfort without hindering the athlete’s performance. V-Ports are temporal cutout view ports located on each side of the frame, intended to dramatically widen the viewing field without sacrificing anything on the protection front.

The Leader C2 Rx sports goggle is constructed of durable nylon with a soft rubber nosepad/bridge insert. The temple tips are made of a co-molded flexible rubber material with a metal core wire to allow for adjustment. This makes the goggle stylish, comfortable, and incredibly protective. The bevel is a patented SprinGuard lens retention system that secures lenses efficiently with less frame mass and complies with the ASTM F803 standards. It features a flat posterior lens lip design to ensure superior lens retention. The frame front includes a LensLok center-opening eyerim that uses a hex screw to lock the lenses, which simplifies lens insertion. (An Allen wrench comes with each frame to assist with insertion.)

The goggle comes with standard temples and a strap that can be inserted into the hole at in the temple tips. Other options include a head strap that replaces the temples, or an over-the-head strap to be used under helmets.

C2 takes sports safety styling to a level beyond what other goggles have to offer. Color options for the C2 goggle include red, blue, black, green, gunmetal, white, silver, and purple. The collection also features color accents of black, blue, green, orange, gold, maroon, red, white, silver, yellow, pink, and purple. The color accents, which can include initials or numbers, can be used to customize each pair according to personal or team preferences. Sizes include 49mm to 16mm (x-small), 52mm to 16mm (small), and 57mm to 16mm (medium). And the newly added large is 60mm to 18mm.

ECPs can feature C2 goggles with the use of a rotating display featuring six C2 Rx sport frames as well as an assortment of the company’s bestselling cleaners and accessories.

Specific equipment is important in any sport and Hilco brings athletes and sports enthusiasts exactly what they need visually with the C2 goggle.

Diane F. Drake is a licensed optician, writer, lecturer, and consultant to optical professionals in Jackson, GA.


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