Inspired by “the living world,” the current look of Koali by Morel is all about feminine shapes and sophisticated color.

A flowering Hawaiian plant known as Koali was the perfect name for Morel’s nature-inspired collection that launched in 2001. It was characterized by bold and elaborate temple treatments that told a story about the look of dragonflies’ wings or the intertwining vines of ivy. While the Koali brand is still driven by le monde vivant (the living world), the “designs have been altered to adapt to the changing needs of the market,” according to CEO Tom Castiglione. “The brand continues to be steeped in the belief that eyewear is a work of art, reflecting the spirit and beauty of things around us.”

For the FW’17 collection, three concepts have been launched: Leaf, Lilium and Fuchsia. Leaf, which launched in April, takes inspiration from the way the sun shines through layers of foliage and features lace-like stainless steel that highlights the wearer’s eyes.

Lilium 2 is a follow-up release that reflects the delicate flower from the lily family in numerous shapes and colors; there is a total of six models that feature slim, exclusive handmade acetate in transparent hues and aminiaturized, micro-fused flex-hinge to subtly evoke the “K.”

The FW’17 Fuchsia 3 (another follow-up release) features combination fronts with exclusively designed handmade acetate and a stainless steel top bar for a light and airy look; Fuchsia is a pivotal moment within the Koali brand because the collection had been moving away from such a literal interpretation of nature.

Patients who purchase a Koali frame can feel special that the material used is truly unique to the collection, which is a major selling point that Castiglione stresses for ECPs conveying this story: “The use of exclusive acetate enhances the story of artistry and creativity offering the wearer a unique experience. This is the very essence of Koali.”


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