With the generator as the centerpiece, Schneider’s modular Nano line lets ECPs grow into digital surfacing.

The Schneider HSC nano X generator, part of the modular Nano line, provides everything ECPs need to start an independent free-form business in a small footprint.

The low investment costs combined with minimal space requirements offered by the nano X generator enable even smaller independent eyecare profession-als to begin processing free-form lenses in-house. To allow for easy initiation and consistent produc-tion, this generator is delivered with a pre-configured bundle of lab management and lens design software along with consumables.

The generator is the centerpiece of the modular Nano Line and comes in two versions, the HSC nano X and the more advanced HSC nano XP. “The HSC nano X was developed with a single goal in mind, creating a machine that provides everything that is needed to start an independent free-form business with all essential features at lowest costs,” according to the company.

Designed to be highly modular, the HSC nano X can be equipped with a fully laser-based engraving system. The optional cribbing spindle and twin tool allow for fast machining of non-circular shapes.

Other equipment from the complete Nano line that can be gradu-ally added to further enhance the HSC nano X generator’s capabilities include the CCP nano polisher, the SHC nano hardcoater and the RPT nano anti-reflective coater. The small footprint, minimal environmental requirements and onboard design software make an industrial setting unnecessary.

• A user-friendly touch panel 
system launches complex 3D 
calculations with a simple push 
of the graphical interface.

• High-speed diamond cutting 
results in smooth lens surfaces.

• Newly developed LS-tec 
motor allows for the highest 
stroke available.

• Highly dynamic ball bearing 
motors exclusive to Schneider 
generators allow for 
superior robustness and reduce 
environmental requirements.

• A pre-configured lab 
management system combined 
with the Production Support 
Package, containing designs and 
consumables, provides everything 
a fully independent free-form 
production needs.

• Full remote capabilities provide 
support at any location.


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