Part of Signet Armorlite’s Kodak Lens Professional Service Program, the Kodak Lens Corner gives ECPs a “store-in-store.”

Ideal for ECPs looking to educate patients about lens options, Signet Armorlite’s Kodak Lens Corner solution gives you simple merchandising tools that leverage the strength of a recognized brand.

Part of the Kodak Lens Professional Services Program, Kodak Lens Corner offers an in-store display as well as customized window merchandising. The freestanding education center incorporates two sides: The “Lens Center” side displays Kodak’s lens offerings, from progressives and high index materials to no glare and blue light protection. Frames for patients to “demo” lenses are fitted with different left and right lenses so they can see the effects of different Kodak products. The “Color Center” side enables dispensers to discuss the color benefits of Kodak Digital Lenses and No Glare Protection.

Launched last August, Kodak Lens Corner has 64 participating ECPs as of this May. According to Signet Armorlite, sales of Kodak Lens Progressives have increased by 29% so far this year.

“With the Kodak Lens Corner program, we provide a solution that pairs the heritage of the Kodak brand with the proven performance of Kodak Lens products at independent eyecare providers across the country, and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far,” said Edward DeRosa, executive vice president of Signet Armorlite, N.A.

“Patients are responding positively to the Kodak brand name and benefits that Kodak Lens products can bring to their vision. As a result, practices are benefiting from a recognized branded solution that is resulting in higher average selling prices and much happier patients. It’s a win-win solution.”

Paul Bernier, OD, said he began carrying Kodak products four years ago at Chippewa Eye Centre in St. Louis. Approached by Kodak because of Chippewa Eye Centre’s volume and fitting success, Bernier said he felt comfortable displaying its partnership with Kodak.

“The Kodak Lens Corner adds a professional look and is a valuable tool for our opticians to help educate our patients on their various lens choices,” he said.

Chuck Vogel, a certified optician and owner of Ferguson Optical, a retail shop with two locations in Missouri (Hazelwood and Ferguson), said that his patients really like being able to test products themselves.

“Kodak is recognizable to the patients,” he added. “If you say it’s made by Kodak, that name signifies something to people.”


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