Rarin’ To Go Hilco C2 Unleashed
Fabulous Fusion Liberty Sport F8 Street Series
TOTALLY Tough Youth Force WX Victory from WileyX
Built for Speed Bollé Sport Protective collection

Mini Me Oakley Quarter Jacket

Children’s protective eyewear deserves your retail real estate but also requires education to sell it successfully.

for a safety lens that’s classified as high impact; the lens must stay intact when it is hit by a 0.25-in. ball traveling at 150 ft. per second.

Bollé Sport Protective models are certified to both ASTM F803 and ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards. Oakley, Inc.’s Quarter Jacket, which is the kids’ version of the adult Half Jacket, exceeds ANSI standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact as well as optics and UV tests. Targeting baseball players and golfers, the Quarter Jacket comes equipped with new Prizm lenses that improve performance and safety by enhancing vision without conventional lens tints, according to Declan Lonergan, eyewear product category manager. Wiley’s Youth Force collection, which meets ASTM F803 standards and features the company’s proprietary
DIGIFORCE digital lens technology, converts from a spectacle to a goggle with the push of a button that releases the temple where the strap can be plugged in.

The newest crop of protective eyewear can handle tough competition on the playing fields and also look cool as everyday glasses. Liberty’s Street Series line from its ASTM F803 Sports Protective collection includes designs such as skulls with crossbones and funky flowers. Hilco’s new C2 Unleashed with bold graphics features a 3.0mm polycarbonate lens that not only meets ASTM F803 standards but also offers 40% more peripheral viewing than the competition with V-Port technology, according to Hilco’s Senior Product Manager Kelly Piotti.

“ECPs need to be evangelists for the benefits of wearing eyewear designed for sporting uses,” stresses Butsch. Minnick concurs: “Getting protective eyewear for their kids from an ECP they know and trust for their own eye health needs is likely to appeal to many parents.”

Safety Zone

Delve into the kids’ market by
following these rules of the protective-eyewear game:

• Get Schooled. Learn the safety standards and explain their importance to parents.

• Support Matters. Work with eyewear manufacturers that have the experience and organization to be a partner, not just a supplier.

• Top Gear. ECPs should carry superior sports protective products.

• Cha-ching. Provide reasonably priced products that may be considered a second pair sale.

• Variety Show. Devote space to multiple collections and styles for both girls and boys.

Michele Silver is managing editor of VCPN.


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