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Not just a design element, keyhole bridges also serve a function on certain faces.

There are many bridge styles for eyeglass frames and each one has its fashion and functional value. One bridge style that’s having a great revival is the keyhole. Named for its similarity in shape to keyholes in doors from the late 1800s, this kind of bridge is very comfortable and allows an acetate frame to fit a higher crested nose than other kinds of bridges. The following is a look at what some frame manufacturers are offering with this type of nosebridge.

Fourth Dimension 4717 from ProDesign Eyewear, Inc. is a cool twist on the soft square shape. Part of a collection that uses less material consumption by creating the multi-colored temples out of leftover pieces of acetate and mixing them together, this style thins the acetate in the front for a slim look. It still has room for the traditional rivet look on its endpieces. The keyhole bridge adds to its overall character.

A P3 shaped frame is like a slice of the ’40s reincarnated. ProDesign 6912 is an excellent example of this but in an updated way. The keyhole bridge elevates the frame so it sits higher on the face. It has a lightweight aluminum front with clear acetate temples that complement the look.

Leave it to eyebobs to come up with keyhole bridges in readers and sun readers. The 147 style uses a P3 shape with gradient sun lenses, accompanied by a prominent keyhole bridge. It’s a cool way to enjoy a book or a newspaper in the sun. For a really vintage ’40s’ look, check out 2309. It’s somewhere in between a P3 and a soft square-shaped frame.

A metal frame with a keyhole design, Scott Harris Vintage 27 from Europa International is a thin metal Buddy Holly look with rivets at the temple attachments, a keyhole bridge, acetate temples, and nosepads for fitting ease. With a soft uplift and just a hint of a cat-eye shape, Prepster is the perfect name for this Europa frame from the db4k collection for kids. It has a softened P3 shape and a light lift toward the temples. The keyhole bridge is accentuated by its transparent acetate colors.

Autumn, a semi-rimless metal from Kenmark Optical’s Kensie line, is a gently feminine shaped frame that incorporates a soft, keyhole-inspired bridge. It boasts a very polished look.

For your patients who want a little more pizazz in their frames, check out MATTISSE Eyewear’s Mattisse 8061. This soft square acetate has a modified keyhole bridge with a somewhat thick front and temples (the fun artwork Mattisse is known for is featured on the temples).

Keyhole bridges have a very cool retro look. When appropriate, they make an excellent fitting choice.

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical in Phoenix, AZ.


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