Persol Style No. PO9649V updates the keyhole bridge with three slits located at the bridge crest.
The bridge on Calvin Klein Style No. CK7918 by Marchon follows the exact same contours as the original concept of the keyhole bridge.
Evatik Style No. E-9074 by WestGroupe is a deep rectangle that makes room for the keyhole bridge.

The classic keyhole bridge offers not only good looks but a comfortable fit.

Whether you are a seasoned eye-care professional or new to the ophthalmic world, you’ve no doubt noticed a design from yesteryear that has reemerged…the keyhole bridge. Contemporary interpretations are making it a hot style element in today’s eyewear.

The keyhole bridge was named after…you’ve got it, a keyhole, and the keyhole bridge shape was designed after a skeleton key. If you’ve ever seen a skeleton key, it looks as though it would unlock an armoire or wardrobe made in the 17th century. The carved-out bridge on the eyewear resembles this one-of-a-kind shape. In other words, the top of the bridge is circular in shape and begins to narrow towards the bottom of that arc. The sides of the keyhole bridge gradually widen from this point, creating the contour of the lens shape on the right and left side.

A great example of this is Calvin Klein Style No. CK7918 by Marchon Eyewear. The bridge on this handsome frame perfectly mirrors the keyhole design and follows the exact same contours as the original concept. The black temples and tortoiseshell frame front color adds to its classic look.

Designed in 1957, the iconic Persol Style No. 649 by Luxottica has resurfaced in today’s ophthalmic world. The newly launched Persol Style No. PO9649V sports the popular keyhole bridge and updates this unmistakable bridge with three slits located at the bridge crest. This blast from the past is also available as sunwear.

The keyhole craze is also taking the look and modifying the frame front to create additional character. In other words, the area that surrounds the keyhole bridge has its own formation that adds a touch of differentiation. The styles are so unique that they stand out in a crowd.

Activist Eyewear’s Livingstone, with its chunky carved-out acetate front, really adds distinction to this trend. And bold colors like smoky granite and matte azure encircle the keyhole bridge for added flair.

Take a look at the Writer style in the Dolabany collection by Best Image Optical, Inc. The pillowed square look is classic, yet the modern colorings like black streak and amber honey along with matte finishing update it.

Keyhole bridges were designed to make contact on the sides of the wearer’s nose. The crest of the circular keyhole was not intended to touch the skin on the crest of the nose. If a patient’s nosebridge is low and wide, this unique shape is not only fashionable, but offers a good fit, too.

RAEN Optics’ Leo Carillo is inspired by timeless lifestyles. This P3 replica offers a shapely keyhole bridge that also allows for the lenses to sit lower on the wearer. This smaller style is perfect for both women and men.

Another great example of the “fit” is Evatik Style No. E-9074 by WestGroupe. This attractive deep rectangle shape for men makes room for the keyhole bridge. The look is novel and the fit well-suited.

For the style conscious, the keyhole bridge offers not a good fit but great looks too. Try one on for yourself and see.

Jackie O’Keefe is a licensed optician and a writer, lecturer, and course preparer in the Virginia Beach, VA, area.


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