CalClear Gel Lens Cleaner gradually spreads across lens surfaces, enabling a more effective ­cleaning of the ­lenses with less mess and less effort.

California Accessories offers several effective lens cleaning products including its new gel lens cleaner.

If a windshield isn’t clean and clear, you can’t see through it. As light hits a soiled windshield, it’s refrac­ted differently through the smudges, making it more difficult for the driver to see and creating dangerous driving conditions. If an automobile’s windshield is a driver’s win­dow to the road, lenses are a wearer’s windows to the world. They need to be kept clean, and that’s where California Accessories comes in.

With so many lenses available with hydrophobic and oleophobic topcoats today, spray cleaners may run off the surfaces before the user has a chance to clean the lenses. As a result, wearers often use more cleaner, because it either runs off or wicks away into the cloth used for cleaning. To solve these issues, California Acces­­­sories has introduced lens ­cleaner in a gel form.

The product—CalClear Gel Lens Cleaner—doesn’t run. When sprayed onto a lens, it stays put and starts cleaning immediately. As it’s wiped, the gel gradually spreads across the lens surfaces, enabling a more effective cleaning of the lenses with less mess and less effort, and utilizing less product.

Using a neutral PH, CalClear Lens Gel Cleaner has a proprie­tary formula featuring specific cleaning agents mixed into a viscous gel that maximizes cleaning but is safe for all types of ophthal­mic lenses and coatings. In addition, the CalClear Lens Gel Cleaner has been tested and approved by COLTS Laboratories, an independent optical products testing company.

The smart contemporary packaging of the popular CalClear spray offers

CalClear spray is also suitable for cleaning computer monitors and other items that require special formulation to ensure safe cleaning.

consumers the ability to clean grease and smudges knowing that the formulation is safe to use on high-tech anti-reflective lenses and mirrored lenses. It’s also suitable for cleaning computer moni­tors and other items that require special formulation to ensure safe cleaning. In addition to the popular spray configuration, the cleaner comes in packages of disposable pre-moistened towelettes, and both are offered in newer alcohol and ­fragrance-free spray versions. To help promote add-on sales, look for deluxe cleaning kits containing the liquid cleaner and pre-moistened towelettes.

The company’s cleaning cloths are made from finely woven strands of nylon and polyester that are knitted together and are safe to use on lenses—either dry or in combination with spray cleaners. In addition, while most microfiber cloths are basic and boring, California Accessories kicks its design magic up a notch, bringing color and ­texture even to cleaning cloths, transforming a potentially mundane item into a stylish accessory.

California Accessories has a proven track record of providing high-quality optical accessories. Its inventory just got a whole lot better with the introduction of its new gel cleaner.

MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING! California Accessories also customizes cleaning cloths and cleaners for individual practices. What better way to build customer loyalty than to have your logo, practice name, address, phone number, Web site, or other contact information printed on the products you carry? It’s one of the least expensive marketing strategies you can employ.

Diane F. Drake is a licensed optician, writer, lecturer, and consultant to optical professionals in Jonesboro, GA.

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