The eyeOs collection has 12 styles, including Otis, a round, retro-style combination frame.
With Hex-O-Tech lenses, eyeOs are optimized for reading on electronic devices (Oliver shown here).
A LITTLE HELP FROM HIS FRIENDS The styles in the eyeOs collection have some fun, memorable names: Harper, Headmaster, Katalina, Mason, Morgan, Oliver, Otis, Phoebe, Sebastian, Sherlock, Sydney, Wyatt. So where did the names come from? Well, over a few really fantastic glasses of wine, Sam Kotob’s presbyopic friends tried on styles, tossed out suggestions, and ultimately voted on the names for the collection.

When it comes to style and performance, eyeOs bring traditional readers to new heights.

Today’s emerging presbyopes belong to the Generation X demographic and they are very different from previous presbyopes. They want style and something different from standard readers. Many over-the-counter (OTC) readers carry the stigma of offering poor optics and substandard frames. When optician, creator, designer, and founder of Reptile Sun, Sam Kotob, made the decision to create reading eyewear, he set out to dispel that myth. His latest offering is eyeOs: readers too cool for granny and too good to be simply categorized as OTC readers.

eyeOs are retro-inspired, premium readers targeted to mid- to high-end optical and optometric practices, refractive surgery practices, and ophthalmology practices performing various procedures including cataract surgery. These businesses reflect the tastes of those successful, confident, sharp, demanding, very discerning individuals who are 40+-going on 30-and who don’t want to be identified in any way as being “over the hill.”


Anyone who understands frame materials knows that Mazzucchelli has the reputation for being the finest acetate used for eyewear. It is manufactured from renewable resources such as cotton fibers, is colored with vegetable and mineral substances, and according to Mazzucchelli, is mostly hypoallergenic. The metals include stainless steel and monel. Five-barrel hinges are used in combination with 45o mitered temple and frame front cuts. On most styles, rivets are used to hold hinges in place, just like they were in the ’50s.

Lenses for eyeOs readers are designed for today’s high-tech reader. Hex-O-Tech™ lenses feature advanced optical design and coatings including a super anti-reflective treatment that is index matched (at 1.56), a scratch-resistant coating, anti-smudge, and UV 400 protection. The electromagnetic interference (EMI) layer in the coating opposes the incident EM field radiating from electronic devices like computers, tablets, and handheld devices, reducing eye fatigue.

The “O” in eyeOs represents the circle, which is the universal symbol of perfection, as well as the circle of life encompassing the past, present, and the future. Designs are simultaneously edgy and vintage-inspired, with vibrant colors and interesting shapes.

The initial launch includes nine acetate styles and three combination styles. A favorite of mine is Otis: a combination frame in a round retro style. Another edgy shape is Sebastian, which sports a square shape using a combination style. Other shapes include round, cat eye, rectangle, and modified P3, and there is a wide range of colors.

Single vision lenses for eyeOs feature aspheric design to reduce distortion, and the dual vision flat top 28mm segment lenses feature imbibed photochromatic lenses.Powers include +1.00D to +2.50D (except +2.25D), and bifocal powers currently include +1.50D and +2.00D. Others will follow. Eyewear is warranted for two years from the date of purchase against defects and also include a one-year, one-time replacement if the lenses are scratched.

OTC readers don’t have to be boring. And this eyeOs collection proves that handily.

Diane F. Drake is a licensed optician, writer, lecturer, and consultant to optical professionals in Jackson, GA.


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