Kaenon SR91-comparison

Kaenon SR91-comparison

Designed to provide color separation and intensity that enable wearers to experience more depth, Kaenon’s new SR-91ULTRA lens technology represents an advance in the company’s polarized performance eyewear. Following years of studying the visual experience on water and land, Kaenon has developed a polarized lens that enhances definition by filtering harsh yellow light from the visual color spectrum.

“SR-91ULTRA is truly designed and built for outsiders,” said Troy Ballard, general manager, Kaenon. “Through our proprietary SR-91ULTRA lens technology, we are providing an enhanced experience to help people see color and depth beyond normal capabilities. SR-91ULTRA filters specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion. By custom-tuning the color transmission, SR-91ULTRA delivers greater definition, enhanced depth and unmatched clarity and detail, allowing your eyes to see more of what nature has to offer.”

SR-91ULTRA has been released in select Kaenon styles and is available in three lens tints – ULTRA Gray, ULTRA Brown and ULTRA Pacific Blue Mirror.

Kaenon’s new SR-91ULTRA lens technology includes: proprietary polarizing film to cut 99% of glare, proprietary lens material that rivals the optical clarity of the finest mineral glass, impact resistance, front and back hydro/oleophobic coatings, backside anti-reflective coating, reduction of up to 90% of harmful HEV blue light that can cause eye strain and macular degeneration, and the capability of blocking 100% UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful ultraviolet light up to 400nm.

For more on Kaenon’s SR-91ULTRA polarized lenses, check out the YouTube video.


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