Nike ushers in the next generation of sport performance gear with Helix Elite and Hyperforce Elite from Marchon. 

Athletes, professional or otherwise, commit time and effort into becoming the best. They invest in training, diet and equipment–and that equipment should always include superior eye protection. The new Nike Helix Elite and Hyperforce Elite from Marchon, designed in part by studying athletes in action, are the most technologically advanced  models to date from the “Just Do It” folks.

The Nike Helix Elite is the epitome of modern performance and style. First, Nike and ZEISS have created state-of-the-art optics that provide incredible clarity and perception. Second, the frame construction addresses virtually every aspect of what a wearer in motion will need. Athletes can’t have glasses that slip and slide during activity, and Nike addressed this by using TR90 nylon throughout the frame. This lightweight material provides durability and flexibility, making the eyewear tough and comfortable during intense activity.

Additionally, the temples of the Helix Elite have a thin nylon and rubber construction, allowing for a flexible and firm grip that adapts to the head; this is important as the wearer begins to perspire. The frame uses a snap-in hinge with cam functionality that does away with the need for a hinge screw, simplifying the construction while making it more robust.  According to the Nike Vision Design Team, “The cam hinge geometry gives the temples a nice, responsive feel and keeps them secure in either the open or closed position.” There are four color combinations that include gray or brown frames with silver, deep green, milky gold or black mirror lenses.

Nike Hyperforce Elite, which comes styled in black matte with four color/lens choices, presents the same level of comfort and durability but with even greater emphasis on advanced optics. For Hyperforce Elite, the lens tints and designs were developed to benefit a wide variety of wearers who need to track objects quickly across a wide field of view.  This one-piece lens and MAX Optics provide an uninterrupted line of sight, no matter how and where an athlete moves.

The Hyperforce Elite lens tints were developed with contrast in mind to allow wearers to better pick up the details of their specific activity, such as the stitches on a baseball when pitched as well as being able to track the ball against the sky. “The mirrored lenses project power and strength against the wearer’s opponent by hiding the eyes,” according to Marchon. “For professional athletes, the mirrored lenses can also tie into the athlete’s team colors, creating more visual unity and demonstrating team strength.”

Joy L. Gibb, ABOC, is the lead optician at Daynes Eye and Lasik in Bountiful, UT.

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