Look to comfort cable metal temples in i-dealoptics’ Jelly Bean Style No. 139 as a way to combat the slippage challenge in kids’ eyewear.

Fitting children can be tough but luckily there’s a plethora of eyewear that can meet the challenge.

Children can be so much fun to work with when it comes to eyewear. You’ve just gotta love ’em, even when they become wiggly, squiggly, and perhaps a bit cranky. Innocent infants, energetic toddlers, and curious preschoolers may each possess different personalities and behaviors, yet the one thing they have in common is that they present special eyewear fitting challenges and require eyewear designed just for them.

The weight of a child’s eyewear should rest comfortably and equally on the bridge and sides of the nose as well as over the tops of the ears. This may present a problem when fitting your smallest patients because if you closely observe most infants and toddlers, you will see chubby cheeks, protruding foreheads, and a low nose crest. In order for the eyewear to fit the nose evenly, its nosepads must fit flush so that the entire pad is used to distribute the weight evenly.

Nosepads that are screwed or snapped on may not be the best solution for infants and toddlers because the potential for a pad to fall off is greater. Should this happen, the pad arm is now making contact with the face of the child.

A soft, silicone uni-fit bridge and wide and low-sitting nosepads help the frame fit the contours of a growing, undeveloped bridge. Alignment of the eye position is also a very important benefit. Known for its quality and dependability, ClearVision Optical’s Fisher-Price® collection has this custom-fitted bridge in its metal Marshmallow style.

Uniform-shaped lenses are important too because infants and toddlers eyes appear to be inset because they are surrounded by fatty, chubby, and plump facial features. Easy ovals and modified circles with a small B measurement are keys to fitting success because of this. The fit of the frame front must not rest on the cheeks or on the eye brow either.

Kids love to run, jump, and play hard which puts a lot of demands on their eyewear’s ability to stay in place. Eyewear may even slip down the nose just because it is warm outside or the child is due to come in for an adjustment. Comfort cable metal temples and riding bow temples in plastic material are ideal solutions to the slippage dilemma. They wrap around the ear and lay gently against the side of the child’s head. Make sure that the temple length is not too long because this will cause the temple tip to poke the back of the ear.

There are lots of frame manufacturers that offer comfortable cable temples. Marchon Eyewear’s Disney line offers this option in two models. Disney Style No. 187 is a great example of this springy comfort cable temple technology, available in sand dollar, mocha, and pink. Style No. 007 in Revolution Eyewear’s Toy Story collection uses comfort cables, as does i-dealoptics’ Jelly Bean Style No. J-139.

Temples with spring hinges are ideal for small children because the temples offer greater flexibility when putting on and taking off the eyewear without jeopardizing the adjustment or damaging the frame. This is a huge advantage in kids’ eyewear design.

Look to charming metal eyewear like the Dora the Explorer Style No. OD03 (Nouveau Eyewear), Pop Corn’s Cory style (REM Eyewear), and db4k’s Speedster (Europa International) for this feature. You’ll also find it on adorable plastic models like Style No. OK71 (Ogi Eyewear), Vivid Kids Style No. 122 (Vivid Eyewear), Thalia Girls Leal (Kenmark Group), and Skechers Style No. 1505 (Viva International Group).

All eyecare professionals know the importance of sunwear for little ones. Sure, hats, caps, and selected strollers may block some of the sun, yet

Temples with spring hinges are ideal for children because of their flexibility when putting on and taking off the eyewear (OGI Style No. OK71 shown here).

Mother Nature has a way of letting the harmful rays sneak into the eyes. Fitting sunwear snuggly without discomfort is the goal here. Baby Banz Adventure Infant Sunwear for girls and boys uses a soft adjustable strap that attaches at the sides of the frame front and widens at the rear for a better fit.

Real Kids Shades offers Star Pupils Logoed sunglasses as part of its My First Shades Collection for baby girls and boys. Its soft adjustable strap attaches at the sides of the frame front and widens at the rear for a secure fit. Real Kids Shades works in partnership with Prevent Blindness America and supports its Star Pupils initiatives to educate parents about the importance of quality UVA/UVB eye protection for children.

Julbo’s Looping model 1 uses an adjustable strap that attaches to the temple tips. Its curved temples add enough arched shape for a comfortable fit too. A cool feature for this adorable style is that the frame can be put on upside down or right side up. Another great wrap style is the Serpent Jr. within the Bollé Kids Collection. This stylishly wrapped sunwear adds inlaid rubber at the tip of the temples on the inside to help keep the sunwear from slipping.

Fitting eyewear on your younger patients can be challenging, but it can also be a fun and rewarding part of your day.

Jackie O’Keefe is a licensed optician and a writer, lecturer, and course preparer in the Virginia Beach, VA, area.

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