These Swiss-based designs are anything but neutral, and now 3D printing creates them even faster. Say hello to Götti DIMENSION.


It takes a mere 24 hours to produce 40 Götti DIMENSION frames, the company’s first 3D collection of ophthalmics and sunwear manufactured in Switzerland using a polyamide in the form of a fine, white powder. The powder is fed into an industrial 3D printer that uses a laser to merge the powder, layer by layer.

After cooling off, the finished individual parts are removed, then polished and dyed. During this process, the specially created color penetrates the top layers of the frame.

Götti’s advertising campaign for DIMENSION shows how four different people—artist Beni Bischof, model Tamy Glauser, exhibition director Niels Olsen and creative director and founder of Novembre magazine Florence Tétier—wear the glasses.


Founded by optician Sven Götti in 1993, Götti Eyewear incorporates well-conceived details that combine innovative technology with traditional artisanship. The timeless frames are distributed to specialty retailers in more than 30 countries. “The scent of freshly polished frames and the intense colors never fail to amaze me,” Götti said. “What could be more exciting than to imagine that precisely these eyeglasses find the right person to wear them?” His long-held philosophy is that “Design begins in the mind and comes from the heart.”

Götti DIMENSION takes the company to the next level of production efficiency, and the increased work load means local employment opportunities.


Eyecare professionals can save frame board space with this collection, an ideal inventory solution. Incredibly light, well-balanced and designed for an “unshakeable” fit, Götti DIMENSION will appeal to a wide range of patients, including the sought-after Millennials due to its more moderate price points. This collection is another example of how the company continues to build a “customer-oriented business,” according to Götti.

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