Wrapped lenses and frame combinations work for all patient lifestyles.

Today’s eyecare professional maintains an arsenal of lens/frame products to match the diverse needs of today’s eyewear patient. Nowhere is this more evident than in wrap lens/frame designs, which meet a multitude of ophthalmic lifestyle needs, including superior sun protection (because the added wrap provides a formidable shield against solar radiation) and providing additional relief to dry eye sufferers (numbering well into the millions in the U.S.).

The WX Boss KRYPTEK Highlander from Wiley X features a pattern similar to military camouflage netting.

Safety is another category benefiting from wrapped lens/frame designs, which deflect wind, grit and other foreign bodies during bicycling, motorcycling and jogging. In addition, the frame front extends into the endpiece/temple area, which further protects against sun, wind and debris.

They can also act as a protective device against accidental blunt force injury/trauma. Many wrap lens designs are constructed from high-impact resins and are designated with a Z-87 safety rating. In addition, the high-impact resin lenses allow for 2.0mm center thickness, resulting in a great look combined with weight savings.

The heart of the wrap frame design is the lens itself. Breakthroughs in digital/free-form lens processing have made wrap lens designs possible by utilizing computer numeric control (CNC) and software to generate superior optics and control oblique astigmatism, resulting in a wider field of view with a negligible amount of distortion.

In addition, Costa’s filter with Costa 580 sun lens technology provides better color enhancement over traditional sunglasses while blocking 100% UV light. In addition, the 580 filtration selectively filters out yellow light and high energy visible blue light, which in turn increases clarity and gives a higher standard of ocular protection.

Limited edition OCEARCH frame from Costa is a smoke crystal color with green mirror lenses on a copper base.

For lens materials, Costa’s 580G Lightwave Glass is 20% thinner and 22% lighter than conventional polarized glass, according to the company, and features an optional mirror coating encapsulated in the glass itself, providing superior scratch resistance and increasing contrast and visual acuity. Costa 580P polycarbonate and Trivex for Rx options feature C-WALL surface protection, which features scratch resistance and a barrier to repel water, oils and salts.

Wiley X is long known for manufacturing various types of eyewear that meet and exceed ANSI Z87.1 High Mass and High Velocity impact standards with many styles meeting the stringent MIL-PRF-32432 (GL) ballistic standards. Consequently, Wiley X is a leading provider of protective eyewear to the U.S. military. This expertise brings a new product to the vast line of Wiley X offerings. The new-for-2017 WX Boss available in the KRYPTEK Highlander Frame and Polarized Venice Gold Mirror lenses represent state-of-the-art design in a sunglass for hunters, shooters and anglers. The lenses combine an amber base that cuts light transmission to 12% and is linked to eight layers of polarization to cut glare in harsh reflective environments.

The WX Boss KRYPTEK High-lander frame sports a special micro/macro layered pattern that is similar to military camouflage netting. The result is a quality stealth appearance for those operating in a variety of diverse environments. In addition, the frame features a patented removable facial cavity seal that blocks out peripheral light, wind and airborne hazards, an excellent advantage for contact lens wearers. Lenses are available in plano and Rx using DIGIFORCE digital technology to ensure Rx accuracy, visual clarity and wide field of view.

Oakley’s wrap eyewear choices include sport-specific progressive lens designs, which cover a wide range of outdoor activities such as cycling, golfing and fishing.

Oakley’s True Digital II lens fabrication technology helps maintain a consistent control of dioptric power across the surface of the lens in all sun and dress Oakley frame styles. In addition, this technology provides Rx’s from +4.00D to -6.00D to be fabricated in most high wrap Oakley Sport sunglass frames. True Digital surfacing technology minimizes oblique astigmatism, resulting in a wider field of view for the patient.

Recognizing the rigors of an active outdoor lifestyle, Oakley has added Oakley Stealth, an AR coating designed exclusively for the needs of athletes and patients with active outdoor lifestyles. It provides reduced reflection from the back surface, repels dirt and oils using anti-static and oleophobic protection, and it’s durable hardcoat is backed by a two-year warranty.

Completing its sport-specific lens offerings, Oakley PRIZM light management technology for specific environments features a wide selection of lens options ranging from standard colors to performance tints and changeable photochromics.

Available colors of Bollé’s new-for-2018 Ibex include matte black blue.

Wrap lens/frame combinations are also a specialty of Bollé. The company’s Ibex model is made using B-88 nylon for its frames and B-20.3 polycarbonate for its lenses. Polarization is available for the Ibex, whose colors include matte navy petrol, matte black, matte white green, matte gray white and matte black blue.

Rudy Project’s wrap lens/frame combinations are well regarded for cycling. Rudy’s Impact X-2 photochromic and Impact X lenses feature Freeform TEK digital technology in a virtually unbreakable 8-base wrap design in plano and Rx. Freeform Sport lenses by Rudy Project use polycarbonate lens materials and are fabricated with digital free-form technology.

Rudy’s Airgrip frame/lens wrap can be configured in three sport-specific packages for sailing, general outdoor use and cycling. Available lenses include plano and Rx using Freeform TEK and Freeform Sport in Polar3Fx polarized polycarbonate. Fotonyk by Rudy pushes the frame/lens design combination further with interchangeable protective bumpers, lenses and unique vent controller air channels to manage internal air flow and mitigate lens fogging. For high Rx’s, the Fotonyk’s Optical Dock allows strong corrections to be mounted into a removable platform in the frame.

Richard W. McCoy, LDO, ABOC,NCLEC, is program director, opticianry at Reynolds Community College in Richmond, VA.

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