Fashion powerhouse Steve Madden steps into the Millennial eyewear arena with ClearVision Optical.

He revolutionized the footwear industry, creating trendy, cool and affordable shoes for Gen X in the early ’90s. Steve Madden has since grown his distinctly funky footwear, handbags and accessories into a global lifestyle brand. This season, ClearVision Optical rolls outs its biggest launch to date with the Steve Madden Collection in ophthalmics for women, men and children, and sunwear for women and men; all in all, 51 styles in a whopping 140 colors.

The Gen X- and Millennial-focused line was developed in less than six months, thanks to ClearVision Optical’s 3D printing technology. “This allowed us to try on and tweak our designs in a manner of hours as opposed to the usual eight-week prototype sampling period,” explained Peter Friedfeld, executive vice president. Additionally, the short turnaround time allows the collections to be right on top of the trends.

After conducting focus groups with
Millennials, especially to capture desired details of the shoe collection such as color pops, animal patterns, quilting textures, distressed and metallic finishes, the predominantly HDCA (high-definition compressed acetate) collections took shape. Color plays a major role as does exclusive custom-laminated materials.

Cool details include temple tips for women inspired by Steve Madden ballerina slippers and for men, the zipper hardware on men’s shoes. “We [also]incorporated signature elements on frame fronts to create color contrast even on the simplest of frames,” Friedfeld said. The collection breaks down as follows: 20 women’s, 16 men’s, nine sun (five for women, four for men) and six kids (three girls’ and three boys’) styles.

Look for an “aggressive social media footprint” on the CVO website as well as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for the launch. The new collection, Frieldfeld believes, will be highly desirable to Steve Madden shoe fans, who are a loyal bunch. “It appeals to men and women who crave fast fashion and are not afraid to show their style,” he said. “Millennials and Gen-X value Steve Madden for its edgy yet versatile designs because they know that often the best styles are built with trendy accessories.”


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