All business owners are concerned with reaching their customers. Many businesses offer the same types of products and services as their competitors, but often how you market and generate leads and how you convert those leads into eye exams and eyewear sales is what makes the difference between flourishing and failing.

Here are some new strategies to generate leads and ways to discern if your social media is doing that job well.

Check your website traffic.

Without tracking your website visitors, you have no idea if your digital efforts are effective. There are several options for website monitoring, but Google Analytics is the most common. It’s free, easy to set up and relatively simple to use. Get a little help from your website provider, watch a simple video tutorial on Google and start checking your traffic.

Ask people how they heard about you.

Every new patient should be asked how they heard about you. Whether it’s a check box on a new patient form or part of a survey you send to patients after their first visit, it’s crucial that you know how this person heard about you and what it was that brought them through your door.

Test the efficacy of your social pages.

Test whether social media is driving leads with contests or drawings on your social pages. Tell people to mention the social post when they visit your office. These types of offers let you see how many people closely follow your social media pages and help get patients into the practice. Check the insights available through each platform to see if they are referring leads to your website.

Keep track of what works (and nix what doesn’t).

It’s pivotal that you keep track of this conversion information and lead generation numbers over time. If you’re getting a lot of social media leads one month and less the next month, this could be a trend caused by the season, or it could be an indication that you need to update your marketing plan.

Be sure to post to your social media pages regularly, mix content to keep people engaged and track how many people are coming to your website from social media as well as how many people list social media as how they heard about you. It can be hard to figure out the exact amount of time and money to put into your social pages, but if you use your time efficiently and track your efforts, you should have no problem turning social media marketing into good leads.

Samantha Toth is the resident marketing rockstar for Innexus by Innereactive Media, specializing in websites, social media and marketing for the eyecare industry. Learn more at


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