Rudy Project’s unbreakable, photochromic ImpactX-2 is even more responsive to sun than the original.

ImpactX-2 is the latest generation of Rudy Project North America’s ImpactX photochromic lens. This newer model goes from light to dark and back faster than its predecessors, using improved photochromic technology. It is also highly impact resistant.


ImpactX-2 lenses darken when exposed to sunlight and lighten when the sunlight subsides. Since they activate using both ultra-violet and visible light, the lenses partially darken behind a car windshield.

These lenses incorporate a high-tech High Dynamic Range (HDR) filter. This eliminates a portion of unperceivable light, resulting in sharper, clearer vision, according to the company.

Originally designed for Apache helicopter windshields, the ImpactX-2 lens material is extremely impact resistant and has a high Abbe value, which controls chromatic aberration.


ImpactX-2 offers plenty of color choices. All-Around lenses change from clear to black or clear to laser black. For variable weather, the Racing line moves from clear to red or clear to laser red for fast action and maximum stimulating color contrast. Laser brown, which evolves from clear to brown, lowers overall optical stress and maximizes comfort for all-day activities


Prescription lenses are produced digitally on the backside of the lens using the wearer’s “as worn” parameters. FreeForm TEK design offers wider and seamless edge-to-edge peripheral vision for single vision, segmented bifocals, and progressive addition lens wearers.

From competitive athletes to weekend warriors, ImpactX-2 provides a superb performance Rx sunglass solution for active patients.

• 25% faster activation than ImpactX lenses

• Activation in all natural sunlight environments

• 20% higher temperature stability

• Higher efficiency UVR absorption

• HDR filters

• Color choices

• Unbreakable lenses

• High Abbe value

• Faster lens reaction to environmental changes

• Darkens partially behind windows and car windshields

• Increased performance in colder environments

• Blocks harmful sun rays

• Significantly enhances contrast

• Changes from clear to black, red, or brown

• Guaranteed lower chromatic aberration for crisper vision

Jackie O’Keefe is a writer, speaker, course preparer, and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

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