WestGroupe’s FYSH UK line was launched nine years ago with the goal of being original, funky, and downright bold. During its lifetime, the collection has made some impactful fashion statements and continues to be an edgy eyewear brand that is sure to blow the sharks out of the water.


Originally a women’s and men’s line, the company decided to phase out the men’s styles in 2008 and concentrate on the 30-60 female age group who appreciated the collection’s bold colors to show off their unique personal style. Throughout the years, FYSH UK has continued to evolve by incorporating innovative design elements like laser cutting, acid etching, and digital printing. In addition, the brand’s shapes and colors don’t just mirror popular eyewear trends, they create them.


FYSH UK continues to be dedicated to color and fashion, and WestGroupe has added larger styles and a variety of shapes. The line is inspired by women who embrace their own spirit and who are dedicated to making every moment count. The brand’s tagline is “Hooked on life,” which says volumes about how the company approaches designing FYSH UK. There’s nothing muted or boring, it’s all about giving dynamic women something that makes them feel empowered.


WestGroupe releases approximate-
ly 24 new models annually. One hot frame this year is F-3513. It’s a modified cat eye in stainless steel with purple tortoise epoxy applied along the brow line. Another great style is retro-inspired F-3514 in transparent red with red tortoise along the brow line and

Not to be missed is F-3526, a laminated acetate with a cat-eye shape and tortoise pattern along the brow bar and temples. Full-rimmed, two-tone stainless steel F-3527 boasts feminine flair with a laser-cut interwoven pattern on the temples. A modified cat eye, F-3539 features handmade translucent-sparkled acetate with eye-catching metal accents on the endpieces.

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Kendra Klapheke is the Office Manager and frame specialist at St. Matthews Vision Center in Louisville, KY.


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