High-quality sports retainers can help your dispensary stand out.

Croakies Grateful Dead Dancing Skeleton sport retainer

Ron’s Optical Floating Sports Band

EK USA 3-Way Thin Barrel Float Cat

When your patients enjoy their favorite sporting or outdoor activity, the last thing they want to think about is losing or breaking their eyewear. Whether their preferred activities are on land or in the water, you can help them keep their sports eye- and sunwear safe and secure with the right sports holder.


With 14 styles, there is an EK USA Cat Strap for just about everyone. This top seller is made with 5mm durable rope and rubber tubing, as well as a rubber slide for adjustment. The Fat Cat 3-Way is designed for the extra-large temples often found on today’s sunwear. Most styles are available in a wide range of colors.

The Original Cotton Retainer put Chums on the map as a well-known leader in the eyewear retainer space. Boasting quality and comfort, these lightweight cotton retainers easily fit most standard frames. Wearers can choose from 12 colors among Old School (reminiscent of ’60s-style tie dye), stripes, and camo mix. Chums are also available with a small end for thin frames and large end for wide frames. The Cotton No Tail Adjustable is excellent for extreme sports, particularly when the wearer requires a secure, under-the-helmet fit. Other materials for Chums retainers include neoprene, monofilament, rope, and silicone.

The Croakies XL is made to fit larger frames with a slightly expanded width. The Screen Print Croakies and Sublimated Print Croakies bring the fun factor up a notch-or two-with prints including The Grateful Dead, NASCAR drivers, and collegiate screen prints. Some of the company’s other lines include the Terra System, made with terra climbing rope for durability, and the high-tech/low-profile ARC system, designed for easy adjusting.

Hides retainers provide three products in one. Each one is an eyeglass cord, a protective case, and a cleaning cloth, delivering security, protection, and performance. Retainers for use on land include the Classic, Shorties (for those who prefer a shorter fit), TechnoSkin, and SportGrip.


Eyeglass wearers are perhaps most likely to lose their eyewear when participating in water activities like boating and fishing. That’s why all Croakies floating retainers come in a variety of styles and beacon colors (yellow and red) so wearers can easily see them floating on the water. Different models float different weight eyewear.

Chums retainers don’t disappoint in the floating category, either. With six styles in neon bright colors, eyeglasses are highly visible on the water. In fact, the Chums Neo Megafloat is the highest rated floating eyewear retainer for large and heavy frames.


From EK USA comes the 3-Way Thin Barrel Float Cat, which boasts brightly colored barrel floats, while Hides lets wearers dive in with H2O, its high buoyancy neoprene, and Shorties H2O.

Ron’s Optical gets in the water with its Floating Sports Band, which is available in four colors: blue, black, red, and a bright neon yellow. The elongated cord offers a wide variety of fits and security with an adjustable ball cord lock.

Using the right sports eyewear retainer will help your patients keep their sunwear safe and secure without giving it a second thought.

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.


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