Get the 411 on where to find dynamic videos to boost viewer engagement and build your patient base.

What if I told you that there was one trick for your website that would get 22% more visitors, 12% more visitors to make appointments, and a 33% increase in brand awareness? Well, it’s not a trick at all, but rather a fast-growing feature that nearly all Internet users enjoy and prefer: videos. These are a significant element on your website, Facebook page, and any other web property you use for your practice’s online marketing. If you aren’t posting videos because you don’t know where or how to get them, keep reading.

The Trifecta
All videos are not created equal. Let’s look at the various categories and then determine where and how to get them. It is a good idea to use all three on your web properties.

1) Practice Introduction Video. This is one to two minutes and provides a quick tour of the practice as well as a short interview with the doctor(s) so it will need to be custom made. This video will create an “electronic bond” between the visitor and practice. Look for a local video production company (typical cost is $750-2,000) or use a national firm like smartshoot.com to manage the process for you. Great examples can be found at Dr. Margo Hagen (drmargohagen.com) and Tribeca Vision (facebook.com/TribecaVision/app_702491503118226)

2) Engagement Video. Entertaining, funny (but always tasteful), or a bit educational, engagement videos are equally important to include regularly. Here is an example used on an ECP’s Facebook page that got 75% more engagement than other typical posts on her site. Videos uploaded directly to Facebook will start playing automatically when viewed in the newsfeed, increasing engagement. You can also ask manufacturers for links to their videos or do a search on YouTube and you’ll find great videos such as Essilor of America, Inc.’s “Did You Know” (youtube.com/watch?v=04alhbk2ky0&feature=youtu.be). The Vision Council has many “consumer neutral” videos (youtube.com/watch?v=nVdebczKYpg&feature=youtu.be) 3 Educational Videos. This type explains about eye health, eye conditions, and frame/lens technology. There are many videos created by non-professionals with optical knowledge who use “home technology,” but they are very effective and get a surprising number of views (more than 50,000). Check out Harvey and Lewis Opticians (youtube.com/watch?v=ynx3TdHkYQU&feature=youtu.be) and Vision Eyewear (youtube.com/watch?v=Xs_nOniiWMw&feature=youtu.be). WestGroupe has done an excellent job of creating videos in all categories (youtube.com/user/West-GroupeChannel/videos). You can also opt for professionally produced videos such as those created by Eyemaginations (eyemaginations.com), which are subscription-based. According to Digital Sherpa (digitalsherpa.com/blog/25-amazingvideo-marketing-statistics), more than 100 million Internet users watch a video every day. With that kind of activity, using videos to communicate about your practice as well as to educate and entertain your visitors is a must.

DIY Video
It’s relatively easy to become your own videographer. James Wedmore has a great how-to series (youtube.com/user/jameswedmore). You don’t need an expensive camera; use a recent version of an iPhone, iPad, or Android device and invest in a stand (available on Ebay or Amazon) so the picture remains steady. For editing, use a program like Camtasia by Techsmith.

Bob Main is the Head Coach and Founder of ECPWebCoach.com, an education company that teaches ECPs how to use the Internet and social media to grow their practice.



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