These top devices and apps make measuring and dispensing easier than ever.  

In vision care’s fast-paced world, eyecare providers want to maximize their time, improve their accuracy of measurements, and educate and engage their patients. These time- and money-saving options promise to do the trick.

Smart Mirror Mobile ABS, Inc., 888-989-4227, smart-mirror.com

• This app takes photos and four-second videos to help patients decide on frames, providing side-by-side comparisons.

• Augmented reality effect shows patients how they’ll see through progressive lenses in different settings.

Its Smart Centration technology turns the iPad into an all-in-one measuring tool, replacing the pupillometer and PD ruler.

Opti Tab Briot USA, 800-292-7468, briot.com/usa

• The app’s newest 2.5 version can measure near vision.

• Measurements cover progressive seg heights, pupillary distance, retroscopic and pantoscopic tilt angles, and more, all with just one photograph.

• Easily inputs measurement data into Briot edging systems via a scannable bar code.

i.Terminal 2 Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc., 800-358-8258, zeiss.com/lenses

• This iPad- and PC-compatible stand-alone unit and software takes all measurments in just 60 seconds.

• Ensures optimum lens performance by fitting to an accuracy of up to 0.1mm.

Fitting parameters can be printed or transferred to i.Com 2, as well as to third-party management systems, for extra easy lens ordering.

Visioffice 2 Essilor of America, Inc., 800-542-5668, essilorusa.com

• This column unit takes precise measurements down to 1/10 mm.

• HD imaging leverages a patented 3D image that locates a patient’s unique optical eye rotation center, which allows for more precise boxing.

• Can measure patients for any lens solution from single vision to the entire range of personalized Varilux progressive lenses.

Spectangle PRO HOYA Vision Care, North America, 877-528-1939, thehoyafreeformcompany.com

• This app plus enclosure system needs just one picture to instantly capture all 10 eyewear measurements for premium lenses.

• The patented EY-Stick ensures the patient’s posture is properly captured as it would be with the dotting process although it doesn’t need to be at the same eye level.

• Augmented reality mode shows patients how various lens combinations will improve their vision more than just standard lenses.

Kodak Lens Intelligent Dispensing Software (IDS) Signet Armorlite, Inc., 800-950-5367, signetarmorlite.com/KODAKLensIDS

• Measuring kit and iPad-compatible software takes precise point-of-wear measurements.

• Visual simulations help the ECP educate the patient about the benefits of Kodak Progressive Lenses, along with polarized, photochromic, and AR coating options.

• The KODAK Unique HD Lens, a highly customized progressive, has recently been added in the lens comparison chart.

Capture-i Nikon Optical USA, Inc., 877-767-8033, nikonlenswear.us

• The attachment unit plugs directly into the audio jack of an iPad 3 or 4, or the iPad Air.

• App measures for single vision to the most advanced progressive lenses, including Nikon’s SeeMax Power.

• Patented Infinite Optics technology simulates a virtual distance target to ensure reliable measurements.

OptikamPad Optikam Tech, Inc., 888-356-3311, optikam.com

• Stand-alone iPad app requires only one image to capture 10 measurements.

• Optional cloud subscription backs patient profiles up online, making them available on up to five iPads in a practice.

• Image Detection makes results available immediately, eliminating time-consuming manual placement of reference points.

Shamir SPARKShamir Insight, Inc., 877-514-8330, shamirlens.com

• The iPad compatible SPARK (Single-Shot Panorameter Augmented Reality Kit) 3D measuring tool calculates all frame measurements based on just one picture.

• Customizes the fits of several Shamir Freeform products, including Autograph III.

• A short instructional video covers everything from tips on calibration to how to save all patient results on the device.

Transitions ViewerTransitions Optical, Inc., 800-848-1506, Transitions.com/Viewer

• Online demos are accessible from laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

• Patients are immersed in the experience of wearing Transitions lenses via 360×180 panorama images of real-world scenes.

• The “œHelp Me Decide” feature helps patients prioritize the photochromic lens benefits most important to them.

otto (one-touch-to-optical) VSP Optics Group, 855-999-6886, seeotto.com

• The app’s new measurement beam (coming this spring) captures precise measurements for advanced digital lenses, including pupillary distance, segment height, pantoscopic tilt, and more.

• Patient Care module allows check-ins through the app, allowing ECPs to monitor each patient’s status at every step.

• Obtains VSP patient authorization and automatically checks eligibility, helping ECPs calculate patients’ out-of-pocket costs.

Ron Kelly is senior editor of VCPN.

For more detailed information and more options, visit visioncareproducts.com.


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