USOphthalmic’s Excelon XD reaches new horizons by providing previously unseen performance and efficiencies.

USOphthalmic, an independent optical and optometric equipment distributor, is creating quite the buzz with the recent introduction of its

Excelon XD’s edging chamber allows for faster operation while also providing a high degree of accuracy.

Excelon XD edger system to the U.S. market. According to the company, Excelon XD presents several high-end functions that enable the operator to perform a number of tasks in one manufacturing step. The machine is produced by the Korean firm Huvitz, a spin-off of the highly regarded consumer electronics manufacturer LG.

The Excelon XD comes on the heels of the former Huvitz family edgers (EZ, 3D, and ABL) introduced in 2008, and like all of them, it can edge any lens material. It also delivers a number of improvements over the rest of the product line. For example, the new LCD touch screen has a tilting and angling function for good viewing angles whether the operator is standing or seated. It displays a digital pattern image that provides shape modification options with a “drag and drop” utility. User-friendly graphic inter-faces allow processing for all operator skill levels, display of visuals about the final shape design, and edging status displayed in real-time.

From a space standpoint, the Excelon XD’s tower design utilizes a footprint of less than 2 sq. ft. Although it occupies little space, it has a 1 hp motor coupled to a direct drive unit, and along with its approximately 100-lb. weight, this edger is a solid, powerful piece of equipment.

The edging chamber is illuminated by LED lighting and has an automatic door for faster operation. Inside the chamber are larger-than-usual cutting wheels that offer faster cutting by as much as 30% over the average edger and provide sharp angles for frame and lens shapes whose designs demand a high degree of accuracy. The built-in auto drilling unit tilts up to 30° to facilitate accurately placed holes in all lenses including those with a steep front base curve.

If you haven’t heard of the company before, USOphthalmic says it’s working hard to make sure you hear more about it in the future. In the U.S. for just nine years, including the introduction of its first edger in 2007 here, USOphthalmics is preparing to be a growing force in the U.S. market. Besides the Excelon XD edger, the company carries an extensive line of ophthalmic tools from autorefractors to trial lens sets and frame warmers as well as lab equipment. Judging by its ambitious plans and ever-growing product line, USOphthalmic seems to be right on target with its business plan.

Dual lens probes measure the front of the lens and the inside curvature. This ensures precise cutout and guides the machine in attaining the best bevel and location possible. In keeping with today’s needs for accurate tracing and blocking, the Excelon XD is compatible with Huvitz auto blockers, including the brand new SMART semi-auto blocker and tracing machines.

This edger is so computerized it has an SD memory card that stores as many as 10,000 jobs. It’s also advertised as “the world’s first dual CPU implementation system,” which supports full multitasking that allows the operator to load and edit “next job” information during edging. Prompts and instructions are available in multiple languages.

The new Excelon XD takes edger systems to a new level. Are you ready to move ahead?

Larry Guess is a consultant to the optical industry and designer of new optical tools.

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