Optek’s Shape puts stunning lens designs within reach.

Orchestrating its four-axis machining center and seven-head tool turret, the powerful software of Optek’s Shape Lens Finishing Center (“Shape”) puts high-end design capability within the in-house toolbox of many ECPs. The first thing you notice about the Shape is its rock solid construction. There’s no plastic exterior but rather a sound-insulated, sheet-metal shell and a sealed cutting chamber. An inventory of the standard tooling reveals a comprehensive compliment: roughing, smoothing, angled beveling/grooving, back milling, polishing, drilling, and engraving. This versatile machine allows ECPs to shape lenses for sport and wrap frames-even those with complex mounting requirements-just as easily as lenses for more traditional frames.

The standout feature of Shape is its freeEDGE technology. This advanced software makes it easy to create premium, artistic designs. No CAD-type programming is needed. Instead, you simply drop edge shapes and drill hole patterns onto lenses or create one-of-a-kind designs by drawing on the large 15-in. touch screen. Premium adornments such as intricate engravings and jewel sets can be quickly applied using similar design tools. The simplicity of Shape’s user interface makes the machine a canvas for creativity and artistic expression.

Adding to the appeal of the Shape is that it’s priced within reach of many ECPs and is backed by free telephone support and the solid reputation of the U.S.-based Optek International support team.

Optek International 727-522-2301 optekinternational.com


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